BeYOUtiful: Quick, Natural Makeup for Class

by Madeline Schmid, Contributing Writer


We’ve all been there before. You have 10 minutes before you have to leave for class and you are trying to decide which steps in your beauty regime you have to skip. Well, next time you won’t have to worry with this quick and easy eye shadow tutorial. All you need is concealer, eyeliner, 1 mid-tone eye shadow, and some mascara.


Step one: Apply a concealer under your eyes and all over the eyelid. This will provide a nice neutral base and it will make your eyes pop, appearing as though you got a full night of sleep.


Step 2: Apply your favorite pencil eyeliner to the upper lash line (I like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on eye-pencil in zero –it smudges well but once it’s set it doesn’t budge). Smudge the liner out to make it look softer. You can use a smudge brush if you have one, but fingers work just as well.


Step 3: Densely pack on a mid-tone brown or another earth-tone color on the lid directly on top of, and slightly over the eyeliner you just applied. Pixi shadows are great for this because of their bright pigmented colors and resistance to creasing. Some other great browns are “Smog” by Urban Decay, and “Honey Pot” from the Too Faced Natural Eye palette.


Step 4: Tap off any excess eye shadow from your brush or finger. Blend the top of the color you just applied up the lid and into the crease creating a gradual fade of color. Intensify the shadow at the lash line if there is not enough gradation of shade.

Step 5: Apply your mascara and you’re ready to go!


Easily take this look from day to night by taking a darker brown and applying it to the lash-line by blending. As well, smudge a small amount of shadow to the lower lash line. This will create a striking smoky eye.

This look isn’t meant to be a polished look. The quicker and messier that the eye shadow is applied the better the look will turn out. It’s fast and easy, perfect for the college student on the go. Always remember: style should never be sacrificed, even when you’re running late.

All pictures by Roberto Leon

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