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by Meghann Stelzner, Fashion Writer

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From her cozy knits and ripped jean combos, to her juxtaposing leather jacket paired and silk maxi skirt ensembles, Helena Glazer’s outfits are stylish in a variety of ways.  Creator of the fashion and personal style blog, Brooklyn Blonde, Glazer grew up in Far Rockaway, Queens and has lived in Brooklyn for 12 years.  As the name of her blog reiterates, Glazer’s style mirrors that of the city encapsulating the trendiness of a diversified, chic urbanite.  Always smiling and fearless when in terms of adopting trends into her wardrobe, one cannot help but feel reassured that she is doing something she wholeheartedly loves.

Highlighting her recent achievements, Glazer helped host an event this past week with ELLE Magazine, Downy and California Closets in celebration of the seven new Downy Infusions & Unstoppables scent personalities. ELLE asked Glazer to style the seven closets based on what she felt described their scent personality. Rocking her Alexander Wang skirt with a basic tee, Balenciaga Papier handbag and Jimmy Choo pumps, Glazer complemented her perfect evening with a fabulous ensemble.

While many girls look to blogs like Brooklyn Blonde for fashion inspiration, it can be discouraging when the clothes and accessories they’re sporting are designer-made and exorbitantly expensive. The aforementioned is especially true for college students, who unfortunately do not always possess the means to stock their wardrobes with thousands of dollars-worth of fine apparel. Fortunately, Glazer provides an oasis for the frugal fashionista as she makes an effort to mix high and low-priced items. She justifies splurging when it comes to essentials, but notes that some of her favorite spots to buy trendier items include Forever21, H&M and Zara.  Additionally, while it is unrealistic to wear Glazer’s favorite nude Louboutins to class, she does have a “Dress Down” section of her blog. Under this tab you’ll find outfits that are extremely relatable, true-to-life, and incredibly stylish to say the least.  Whether she is incorporating a chunky cable sweater with leggings and booties, or she’s pairing a blazer with jeans and a graphic tee, Glazer presents an opportunity for her reader to add a touch of blogger-inspo into her outfits, helping her audience to build their confidence and their wardrobes simultaneously.


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