DIY: Organizing for Midterms

by Victoria Fok, Contributing Writer

It’s that time of the semester: midterm season. The time to get organized is now. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the thought of midterms, don’t fret. Here at MODA, we have compiled some tips and tricks for studying and getting organized for midterms.


1. Decipher Class Notes

Notes are essential to studying for midterms. However, many notes from can often become very sloppy and confusing. Simply gazing over your notes will not suffice. Instead, on a separate sheet of paper, write down the essential points as you are going over your notes. Color-coding also helps organize notes. It can also make complex concepts easier to understand. This is especially helpful for classes like economics, where many of the concepts deal with complex graphs.











2. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination sometimes gets the best of us. Instead, for the best midterm scores, start studying as early as possible. The earlier you start studying, the longer your brain will have time to process the information and the better you will learn the material. By starting the study process earlier, you will have time to go over material and reinforce the concepts in your head. Many find it useful to begin studying 3 days + the number of credits the class is worth in days. For example: for a 3 credit class, plan to start studying at least 6 days in advance.


3. Unplug from Distractions

Try to avoid multi-tasking. Switching back and forth from studying and using social media can be very distracting. If you multitask, you are never 100% focused on your work, and you won’t fully absorb the material you are studying. It’s difficult to fight those urges to post a tweet or browse Facebook, but luckily there are many websites that can help you keep them far from mind. is a website that will block you from visiting social media sites for a certain period of time.


4. Get Organized

Getting organized is essential to the study process when trying to juggle midterms with regular coursework. An organized daily planner will be helpful in managing your time. Color-coding can be very helpful when differentiating different tasks. Highlighting the most important tasks will ensure them to be finished.

photo 2

Another helpful organization tool is a dry erase board. Hang the dry erase board above your desk and write a “to do” list on it. In doing so, you will be reminded of the required things to do without even having to pull out your planner. If you do not have a dry erase board, a fun DIY idea project is to take colored post-its and tape them to the wall. You can then write your daily to-do list on them. If you use the right kind of clear, shiny tape, they can turn into colorful dry erase squares. Not only is it a functional DIY, but the squares also add a unique touch to otherwise white walls.
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Follow these tips and you will succeed at studying for midterms this semester.

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