“Jump On It” : Top Must-Visit Fashion Sites on the Web

by Molly Sitter, Contributing Writer


Let’s face it. Every college student has spent their fair share of time procrastinating from their studies by surfing the Internet for some hope of entertainment. However, fashion savvy college students can do better than wasting their precious time on dull sites such as Facebook or Pinterest, especially when he/she could be expanding their knowledge of the current trends and news stories in fashion.

To aid in said fashion-related studies, below is a list of the top five Internet sites that every fashion savvy college student should keep in mind in order to better allocate their free time for fashion entertainment and informative reading.


Your Top 5 Must-Visit Fashion Sites


1. Matchbook Magazine

Matchbook Magazine offers readers daily articles as well as their monthly online magazine and lifestyle publication for a complete  “Field Guide to a Charmed Life.” With beautiful pictures and layout, this site sets goals and standards for the classy yet modern girl as the Matchbook girl strives to be herself and is inspired to live her life to the fullest by everything around her. The magazine then shares original and unique fashion spreads in addition to insider articles on current fashion entrepreneurs that correspond with Matchbook’s mission.

Matchbook Magazine 02

2. The Coveteur

The Coveteur offers “exclusive behind the scenes access to the world’s most influential celebrities, tastemakers and events,” where the reader can enter the closets of their fashion idols through exclusive photos. The reader can then save favorite looks from their idols’ closets—a concept similar to Pinterest—which then can be shopped for online through the site itself. Currently there are more than 350 “Coveteurs” on Coveteur.com and a new style icon is added to this distinguished archive daily. This site not only offers exclusive fashion news and videos, but also private collaborations with these “Coveteurs.”

The Coveteur

3. Fashionista

Consider Fashionista.com to be MODA’s “big sister.” This site offers hundreds of articles regarding hair and beauty, people and parties, street style, and fashion week—including the best fashion shows along with its best-dressed attendees. On the other hand, Fashionista offers its readers exclusive insider tips regarding secret sales among high-end and online retailers. The site also displays current career opportunities within the fashion industry for companies who are seeking interns and full time employees. When searching for summer internships next year, keep in mind this site that can help the trendy college student discover their dream internship in the fashion industry.

Fashionista 01

4. Refinery 29

Refinery 29 is a very charismatic site for the edgy shopper who is trend-oriented. Originally, this site began as an outlet to “discover the best shopping, products, and people—globally and digitally.” As it is seen now, the site is a collection of the best online shopping experiences on the internet through its large collection of trendy fashion items that are directly correlated with this season’s current trends. This site has grown since its founding to further include many more features such as alluring slideshows and exclusive videos. Refinery.com also offers readers in the New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Chicago, and Washington D.C. areas insight on current fashions news and events in those respected locations.

Refinery 29 01

5. WWD

Women’s Wear Daily is the grandmother all fashion sites. This prestigious print publication now allows easy Internet access to an overwhelming large archive of fashion related articles since 1994. This site is essentially a fashion encyclopedia, but its unlimited access requires a paid online subscription. If one is driven to uncover the truths behind fashion’s most historic or controversial moments, WWD.com would be the preferred source. This site offers reader insider info on each Market in fashion (Ready-to-Wear, Sportswear, Luxury, Intimates, active wear, etc.), all public and private fashion related events happening around the world, and behind-the-scenes in-depth business news in the fashion and retail industries. This site also offers job postings for many companies seeking fashion-oriented employees.

Women's Wear Daily 01


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