Street Smart: Classic Simplicity

by Marissa Monett, Fashion Writer

Street Smart MarissaThe wonderful transition from summer to fall is officially in full swing. The leaves have started to pile up on the sidewalks of Bascom, the air has that certain sense of freshness, and every café on State Street is serving pumpkin lattes. Yet perhaps the most notable sign of autumn approaching is the transition into fall fashion trends. As Elyse Eisen’s simple outfit demonstrates, the fall season never fails to entail timeless looks and classic pieces.

As I walked into my lecture Wednesday afternoon, I couldn’t help but to feel refreshed by Elyse’s classic ensemble. Her flowing white T-shirt, indigo skinny jeans, and tan leather boots with beautiful button detailing may be simplistic in design, but together they were powerful in effect. Nothing embraces fall style more than a look that is created with quality fashion staples. However, what really caught my attention in Elyse’s outfit was the subtle addition of a trendier piece to a classic display. The beautiful, emerald green statement necklace not only added a delightful contrast to the simple white shirt, but it did so by embracing a favorite fall color.

As fall sets off into full motion, let Elyse’s refreshingly classic style remind you that a fashionable ensemble doesn’t always need to be complex. The clean, simplistic feel of a few staple pieces and a trendier accent can be all that is needed for the perfect autumn outfit.


Street Smart Marissa 02Here’s the Breakdown

Name: Elyse Eisen

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Wearing: Boots, Steve Madden; Jeans, American Eagle; White Shirt, H&M; Necklace and Ring, from her grandmother.

Personal Style: “I like simple. I like being able to throw on a shirt with pants and boots, and not have very many layers. And then I like to accessorize with color.”

Style Advice: “I definitely like a cream sweater that goes with everything and a good pair of jeans with a good pair of boots that you can match with colors.”

Favorite Piece in Her Closet: “I have a cream sweater that I can wear with all the boots I have and my favorite scarves and necklaces.”

Spotted: Wednesday, October 9th, Humanities, 12:00 pm

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