Style Icon: Julianne Hough

by Emma Leuman, Fashion Writer

"Rock of Ages" World Premiere - ArrivalsMaking the transition from the ballroom, to the countryside, to young Hollywood is certainly not an easy task. However Julianne Hough, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed star of romantic comedies and fox trots alike, seems to have found a way to make it work.  Starting off as a newcomer to the celebrity scene, her style reflected her youth as opposed to chic and sophisticated.  Yet gradually she assimilated and after beginning to date everyone’s favorite America’s favorite radio host and television personality, Ryan Seacrest, she finally got her foot in the door of the fashion realm.

Today, Hough’s street style is known to be a laid-back and slightly tomboyish.  Possessing an affinity for fedoras, sweaters and short shorts, she is pulls off her casual yet put-together look better than most young stars today.  After chopping off her wavy locks, she achieved an edge that made her appealing to teenagers currently experiencing a “hipster” era.

On the red carpet, Julianne is not afraid to take chances with her style.  She is one of the stars whose style is always talked about upon arrival.  Whether she is experimenting with color or with bright makeup and spunky hair, Julianne knows how to pull off a stylized look.

To emulate Ms. Hough, take a more “chill” approach to the way you look at your wardrobe.  Gravitate toward things that are comfortable and opt to choose one looser-fitting piece and one tighter-fitting piece so you don’t lose your shape in the comfort.  When dressing up for an event, don’t be afraid to try something new.  After all, what’s the worst that could happen?  Embrace a new trend and see what reactions you elicit.  Julianne does so and honestly, she may be on to something.

Julianne Hough Street Style

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