Fashion News Recap: Versus Versace and Instagram Housewives

by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent

M.I.A. Collaborates with Versace

M.I.A. 01It’s official! In response to the rumors that have been circulating amongst fashion gurus for months, M.I.A. has finally been confirmed as the designer for Versace’s latest collection, Versus. Launching on October 16th, the songwriter channeled her sense of humor while at work creating this masterful collection drawing inspiration from the infamous Versace knockoffs that grace the underground markets of London, England.

Featuring signature Versace designs that are often depicted in counterfeit pieces, the men’s and women’s collections include printed jeans, t-shirts, silky blouses, jersey dresses, and military-inspired coats and jackets.

As the individual who pitched the idea to recreate London’s street fashion in a collection, M.I.A. appears to be greatly invested in the project. Fortunately, the concept resonated quite well with Donatella Versace who not only “adore[s] the energy of the street,” but sincerely hopes that the collaboration will triumphantly embody London’s rural style-scape.

“The collection represents all that I love of the new Versus Versace. It’s fast, it’s noisy, it’s brazen, and it blends the world of music with that of fashion,” she explained to Women’s Wear Daily.

Since becoming a staple design in the black market of fashion, faux Versace pieces are now easily distinguishable. With this in mind, M.I.A. thought it would be an ingenious move for Versace to “invert the circle” and create knock-offs of the counterfeit designs. M.I.A.’s clever move is sure to create buzz in the underground fashion markets as well as the industry itself. Let’s just hope that some are bold enough to don these eccentric designs.


 Rich Ladies Instagram

Housewives Finding Fame on Instagram

These days a few pairs of shoes, a collection of overpriced designer handbags, and a bottomless bank account appear to be all you need in order to blossom into an Instagram sensation, or at least that’s the message that wealthy housewives are sending thanks to the success of their personal social media accounts.

Perhaps in an effort to cope with the painful effects of boredom and the realization that their wardrobes cost more than most people’s cars, obscenely rich housewives have been racking up unreal amounts of Instagram followers by simply posting photos of their designer goods, gaining an upwards of 20,000 followers by displaying pictures of their Hermes handbags and Louboutin heels.

Putting this number into perspective, these housewives have received more recognition than many other fashion industry professionals, including a contributing editor of Lucky Magazine who has only accrued 11,000 followers herself.

Thus certain questions beg to be asked in the midst of these housewives’ uncanny success. First and foremost, are these women actually fashion gurus? Secondly, should Instagrammers actually turn to them for fashion advice? The resounding answer appears to be no. Sure these housewives may have dream-worthy closets, but designer clothing does not necessarily equate to style or a knowledgeable perspective on fashion. Nevertheless, stick to merely ogling these women’s expensive wardrobes, but when it comes to style advice we encourage you to search other, more highly-esteemed outlets.

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