Street Smart: Style that Opens Doors

by Emily Weiss, Contributing Writer

Street Smart Helena 01My mother once told me, “good clothes open all doors,” and last Saturday night I decided she couldn’t possibly be more right. Just as I was walking into the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, I nearly had a nose-to-glass collision with the double glass doors. Thankfully, the ever-so-stylish Helena Fistel was there to save me as she opened the doors to the museum for me and drew attention to her good graces as well as her impeccable taste in fashion.

On her way to the luxurious rooftop restaurant, Fresco, for dinner and a night out with her equally stylish family, Helena was dressed in a casual yet super on-trend look. Rocking a style seen in many designer collections this season, this UW-Madison sophomore was donning harem pants, a tight-fitting blazer, and a pair of casually chic sandals. Providing a relaxed feel, the looser nature of the harem pants help to tone down the structured look of the blazer, allowing Helena’s ensemble to easily be transformed from day to night. Additionally,  the contrasting elements of her ensemble gives off a versatile appeal that is ideal for a variety of occasions whether you’re browsing the farmer’s market on  Sunday morning, walking to class, or going out to dinner. As such, this ensemble is perfect for the average college student whose busy life does not always afford time to coordinate outfit changes in between life events. With this in mind, Helena not only (literally) opened a door for me, but she opened a door for college students everywhere as she sets the perfect example for how to create a transitional day-to-night look. Thus, my mother was most certainly correct. Good clothes do open doors, and in more ways than just one.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Name: Helena Fistel

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Wearing: Blazer, Dolan; Tank, Gap; Harem Pants, Urban Outfitters; Sandals, Steve Madden; Bag, Chanel

Favorite Stores: “I love Scoop, but LF never seems to let me down – especially with their blowout sales twice per season!”

Favorite Item in Her Closet: “I would have to say my Monroe camo-print military trench from Revolve Clothing. It’s my fall staple and I throw it over everything.”

Spotted: Saturday, October 12, Museum of Contemporary Art

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