Bloggers We Love: Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet

by Samera Jome, Contributing Writer

Karla 01When you think of the latest trends, such as black and white combos or over-the-knee boots, who is the first blogger that you choose to reference? Personally, I turn to the incredible Karla Deras of Karla’s closet. Of all the names in the blogger sphere, no one makes fashion aficionados jump with delight as much as she does. As an L.A.-based blogger with one of the most unique styles in the blogging world, Karla’s signature look usually involves some type of crop top, but rest assured she dons this midriff-baring style in the most tasteful way imaginable. Always managing to pull off all of her looks with an effortless sense of ease, Karla leaves her subscribers mesmerized by her impeccable style and has them constantly yearning for more.

The aesthetic of the blog, especially its beautiful photographs, are so elegant and striking that one cannot help but want to move to L.A. as soon as possible. Up and running since April of 2008, Karla’s posts occasionally include intimate snippets of her life to counter her fashion-related topics. Additionally, Karla also sometimes posts about her personal beauty regimen, including skincare and hair styling tips that lure in subscribers even more.

Outside of the blogosphere, Karla has been widely recognized in the fashion industry by several noteworthy magazines and multiple designers. With features in an Elie Saab video campaign and on Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot, Karla’s prominence in the fashion realm has truly grown. Yet perhaps her most notable accomplishment to-date has been her partnership with jewelry designer, Roman Luxe, who worked with Karla on two collaborations. An undeniable success, pieces from Karla’s Roman Luxe collaborations have been worn by numerous celebrities at red carpet events. Further demonstrating her talent in terms of accessories design, Karla also worked with Coach to design an exclusive handbag, allowing her to establish an esteemed reputation among industry professionals and her fans to stay on their toes wondering what she will do next.

To view more photos from Karla’s closet, check out the slideshow below or visit her site by clicking the link, here!

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