DIY: Glamorous Gourds

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by Alexa Carlson, Contributing Writer


If you’re anything like me, pumpkin carving can sometimes be a struggle. You might find an amazing design on Pinterest where, after wielding a carving-knife to it, the finished product looks like a scene from a horror movie. Given that carving isn’t many people’s forte and rotting pumpkins don’t mix well with close living quarters in dorms or apartments, it’s best to paint pumpkins instead. For my pumpkins and in true MODA fashion, the inspiration came from some of my favorite runway shows. Emilio Pucci Fall 2013 flashed designs full of sequins, scrolling patterns, and an array of black and white coloring (perfect to compliment orange pumpkins). I took these elements from my three favorite outfits and used them as muses for decorating pumpkins.

Finished pumpkins

Look #1

This sparkling shift dress is gorgeous. The bold sequined designs appear rich against the black hue of the dress.

Look 1


Black acrylic paint

Push pins

Gold and silver sequins


  1. Use a sponge brush to paint a two inch wide horizontal line around your pumpkin.
  2. Using the straight edge of the sponge brush at an angle, paint a zigzag pattern along the top and bottom of the line.
  3. Poke a push pin through the center of a gold sequin and press it into the pumpkin along the zigzag. Continue along the top and bottom.
  4. Add silver sequins the same way at the center of each zigzag.

This design is perfect to do while watching a movie or listening to music. Pushing in the pins takes some time but I found it relaxing and simple.

Look 1 step 2

Look 1 step 3











Look #2:

I fell in love with the blouse in this outfit. The baroque pattern is subtle but nicely accentuated by the sequins.

Look 2


Black acrylic paint

Glossy Mod Podge

Push pins

Gold sequins



  1. Paint your pumpkin solid black. A sponge brush will help speed up the tast. Use a smaller brush near the stem.
  2. With a smaller brush paint the glossy Mod Podge in a swirled pattern (I started with a fleur-de-lis and kept adding on).
  3. To add some extra sparkle, use push pins and gold sequins just like in Look #1.


Using the glossy Mod Podge in this design creates a shiny design to show up on the matte black of the acrylic paint.

Look 2 step 2

Look 2 step 3











Look #3:


The bold and intricate pattern of this white and black body-con dress is stunning. It has hints of the intricate patterns found in the beautiful swirls of candy skulls.

Look 3



Black dry erase marker

White acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint



  1. Draw a skull pattern with your dry erase marker on the pumpkin. The dry erase marker will erase easily if you make a mistake and can be easily painted over.
  2. After drawing an outline (along with eye and nose holes), paint in the design with white paint. Paint right over the marker outline.
  3. Using a small black brush paint paisley designs, dots, hearts and swirls on your skull. Don’t be afraid if the two sides don’t mirror each other perfectly, it just adds character to your skull.


Don’t be discouraged by the busy pattern. It will take some time but the key is just repeating paisley shapes, hearts, and dots.

Look 3 step 1 (and 2)Look 3 step 3

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