Late Night Menu: Tornado Steakhouse

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by Erin O’Brien, Contributing Writer


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For some, Saturday nights in Madison can often turn into wild adventures. With the peculiar state of mind that many students tend to acquire around the nighttime hours, it is not rare to see people roaming down State Street or Capitol Square looking for some deliciousness to soak up a bit of their nighttime fun. However, because of the many raging nights that students spend in Madison, places like Ian’s, Jimmy Johns and Toppers can quickly become repetitive. When this happens, it is time to venture out and try new late night munchies.

The Tornado Steakhouse, located just south of Capitol Square on South Hamilton Street, is the famous steakhouse most often coined as the “best steakhouse in Madison.” It’s 1940s-style, underground gangster inspired lounge is the perfect midnight escape from the typical Madison street-goers.

Upon my earlier research of the menu, I already knew that I had to try their bacon bleu cheeseburger. Not only was its presentation perfect, with each layer perfectly stacked, but also the sandwich itself was perfect. I can honestly say that it was the most mouthwatering bacon bleu cheeseburger that I have ever experienced in Madison. Prior to the burger, I started my meal with a simple iceberg salad complete with tomatoes, carrots, and onions, and topped with a craving-inducing French and blue cheese dressing.

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The relaxed, dimmed atmosphere induced extreme friendliness, or maybe just tipsiness, among other restaurant goers. Upon sitting at the bar, multiple men came up to me recommending the Sirloin Steak and make strong notes about the Coquille Saint Jacques, where I quote another Tornado Room restaurateur saying that it was indeed “the bomb.”

The late night menu goes from 10 pm to 1 am every day of the week, but don’t forget to also try their regular menu, which is host to an array of steaks, fish, poultry, and raved-about appetizers. Corral Room Bar is also available for those looking for one final cocktail to round off the night.

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