Relationships: The Pros and Cons of Couples Costumes

by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent

Halloween is only a week away and finally you’ve kept a steady relationship long enough to consider taking part in couples Halloween costumes.  Is the risk worth it though?  Since relationship boundaries vary between couples, the decision to do couples Halloween costumes can make or break your status as a couple.

Dressing in-theme with that special someone for Halloween is a prominent step in relationships for college students.  If you’re in the early stages of dating, deciding to do a couples Halloween costume with your new partner could signify the status of the relationship and serve as a makeshift way to announce your exclusivity.

If the campus didn’t know about your relationship before, speculations could be formed once you hit the party scene on Halloween weekend.  This is a simple, subtle way to signal to fellow Badgers that your partner is off the market.

Couples Costumes 2

Dressing in-theme with your partner also gives your relationship a boost towards achieving the cute factor.  Establishing a level of cuteness aids a couple in transitioning from a platonic relationship to a romantic relationship.  Regardless of how much they deny it, couples love hearing how adorable they are.

Typically this cute factor can be achieved by dressing as any Disney couple: Ariel and Eric, Jasmine and Aladdin, Pocahontas and John Smith or Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  These dynamic duos are recognizable and they drown in the cute factor, meaning that the costumes will attract much attention and spark dating rumors.

Couples Costumes 3

On the other hand, why would couples need to broadcast their relationship to campus on Halloween?  Dressing in-theme with your significant other could read as a desperate plea for attention.  Instead, consider striving for fabulousness and independence by dressing in an individual costume.  Who says you need your partner to achieve said cute factor?

Couples Costumes4

As well, there’s a chance that your couples costume idea won’t be well-received.  Just because you and your partner decide to dress in-theme for Halloween, it doesn’t mean you’ll be the choice eye candy of the night.  Your attempt at a humorous couples costume like a ‘bun maker and oven’ or a ‘mother giving birth to a baby’ could create a night of weird looks and minimal party invites.

Another mishap could result from you and your partner wanting to partake in separate Halloween festivities. If your partner is dressed as a lightning bolt and you’re the disheveled girl struck by lightning, you would need to follow each other around all night for people to understand your costume.  Even worse, what if you and your partner commit to a couples costume and unexpectedly break up two days before Halloween?

Couples Costumes 1

The Halloween dilemma of dressing in a couples or individual costume is prevalent in the approaching weeks of UW’s most celebrated holiday.  Should you and your partner jump on the couples costume bandwagon to seek the coveted cute factor and establish your relationship or should you dress independently and avoid the many potential awkward mishaps?

In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons in the case of couples costumes.  Risking a few weird stares is worth advancing your relationship to the next level.  If you’re just coming to the realization now, it’s not too late.  There’s still an entire week to convince your partner and raid Halloween Pinterest boards for a fitting couples costume.  Move aside Valentine’s Day, Halloween is now the holiday to bring couples together.

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