De-Stressing Guide: At-Home Facials

A Note From the Editor: 

The first wave of midterms passed and somehow you’re still alive. Unfortunately, an unnecessary buildup of stress continues to develop and hover over every last bit of energy in your tired body. Here at MODA, we understand how stress can turn into your worst enemy. To lighten the post-traumatic stress from the first wave of midterms and to further prevent stress during the next wave, the MODA Lifestyle Staff assembled a De-Stressing Guide just for you. Don’t let stress consume you – live life to its best this semester.


by Chelsea Bliefernicht, Lifestyle Writer

Between thesis statements, group projects, and midterms, it’s easy to lose sight of the other important things in your life: namely personal hygiene and that pint of 2% milk that expires any day now. Instead of stressing over emerging blemishes and wasted groceries, kill two birds with one stone by trying out these MODA approved, DIY facials.

Overripe Bananas
At some point while you were locked up in one of the cages at Memorial Library studying for O-chem, your pale green bananas freckled their way to a mushy brown mess. While one popular solution to this mess includes baking a double batch of banana bread, save yourself the time and calories by whipping up a fruity face mask instead.


Mash 1 half of a banana with a fork until it’s a smooth paste.
Apply the DIY mask to your face, lay back, and relax for 10-20 minutes.
Rinse the remnants off with cool water, patting your face dry.

Brown Sugar

Nearly-Expired Milk
Your Mom (and your NutriSci textbook) told you time and time again to drink that daily glass of milk, but that barely-used carton of milk continues to sit in your fridge door, ratting you out as a Calcium-deprived college student. While mixing up a giant mug of hot chocolate or a box of 99 cent mac and cheese could use up as much milk as possible, this scrub is a much healthier alternative.


Scoop two tablespoons of brown sugar into a small bowl.
Pour in some milk (the amount is up to you). Start off with just a dash and add until it reaches the consistency of your favorite blackhead scrub.
Rub the concoction onto your face, working in small circles.
Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

Yogurt & Honey

Unused Yogurt
That giant tub of yogurt seemed like a cost-effective, healthy breakfast option at the time, but it got shoved into the back corner and replaced by a daily trip to Einstein Bros Bagels. To help finish it off, search your cabinets for any of these optional ingredients, whip up a moisturizing mask, and keep the dry winter skin at bay.


Scoop two tablespoons of yogurt into a bowl. Plain, fatty yogurt is best, but I made due with the last of my Vanilla Light & Fit (just note: the “lighter” the yogurt, the runnier the mask).
Mix in 1 tablespoon of honey.
Experiment by mixing in milk, calming cucumbers, circulation-encouraging cinnamon, moisturizing olive oil, or soothing Aloe Vera gel. You can also mix in crushed oats for added thickness and benefits.
Spread the mixture onto your face and relax for 10-15 minutes.
With warm water and a washcloth, rinse off the mask and pat dry.

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