This Not That: Halloween Treats

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by Chelsea Bliefernicht, Lifestyle Writer

As the countdown to Halloween gets closer, the price of treats continues to get lower and lower. Instead of giving into temptation and indulging in the cheap treats at Walgreens, make your way over to the local grocery store where tastier (and healthier) treats await.


Boo Berries

Ghostly Gouls:

This – ‘Boo’ Berries

Calories: 23 per ghost

Not That – Ghost Peeps

Calories: 43 per ghost



As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t ingest anything that cannot dissolve in acid – so skip the Peeps and opt for a more natural sugar rush.  Pile up fresh strawberries with your ingredient of choice: white chocolate, vanilla frosting, greek yogurt, or “Candiquik”. Line the ghosts up on wax paper (letting the excess liquid drip to form a ghostly tail). Add chocolate chip accents for eyes and a mouth, and then refrigerate them until solid (in the case of greek yogurt – freeze them).

 Candy Corn

Colorful Candy Corn:


This – ‘Candy Corn’ Fruit Cocktail

Calories: 177 for 2 cups

Not That – Candy Corn

Calories: 1647 for 2 cups


For a more satisfying snack (with only a fraction of the calories), swap the iconic orange, yellow, and white candies for a delicious fruit cocktail. In a clear glass, layer diced pineapple and orange slices. Top it off with fat-free whipped cream and a single candy corn for good measure.


Wacky Witches:

This – Cheese & Pretzel Broomstick

29 Calories per broom

Not That – Pillsbury Ready to Bake Black Cat Sugar Cookies

100 Calories per cookie


While you host that annual Hocus Pocus viewing party this year, make up a platter of these festive broomsticks. The ingredients are simple: string cheese and pretzels. Using a clean pair of scissors, cut the cheese so that it resembles the base of a broom. To give your snack shape, push a pretzel rod into the opposite end. For added flourish, you can add strings of chive (as pictured) and a glass of wine (to unwind post-midterms).


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