BeYOUtiful: Take Your Halloween Costume to the Next Level

by Madeline Schmid, Contributing Writer

It’s that time of year again: Halloween. It’s the only day a year when it is acceptable to gorge on candy while wearing an outrageous outfit. We’ve assembled four makeup looks to complete your outfits by using basic Halloween face paint that can be bought at your local drugstore and other makeup you already have in your makeup bag. These looks will give your costume that extra boost and take if from drab to fab.


Sugar Skull:

  1. White out the face using face-paint. A sponge works best to get a heavy and even application. It is okay if it is a little bit patchy the other details will distract from it and no one will notice.
  2. Draw circles around eyes and eyebrows. Fill in with black face paint or eyeliner. Use black shadow on the lids, to avoid creasing and discomfort. Draw petals around the circles you just made and fill them in as well. To ensure that your make-up lasts all night, dust a black shadow over the paint.
  3. Contour you cheek bones, temples, hairline, and under the chin with lipstick or red face paint. Blend out the edges to avoid any harsh lines.
  4. Add detailing on the forehead and chin. Spider webs work well on the forehead and geometric shapes are great for chin. Draw a horizontal line that extends beyond your lips. Finally, add short vertical lines at even intervals to create skull teeth.





  1. White out the chin and space between nose and mouth using white face-paint.
  2. Black out the tip of the nose. Then, draw a line down from your nose to your top lip. Black out top the lip with lipstick or a lip balm and black shadow (this can be very drying though so black lipstick is preferable). Draw three dots above both sides of mouth. Finally draw three lines from the nose to make whiskers.
  3. For an added touch, put a small amount of white makeup between your brows and fade the white on your forehead. Add a few lines with black liquid eyeliner. Eyeliner works best because it allows for thin, tapered, precise lines.





  1. Line your eye with eyeliner base. Next, apply gold shadow over the entire lid and inner corner. Add a forest green shadow to the outer half of the eye. Deepen the crease with a dark brown.
  2. Add glitter everywhere. I used too face’s eye shadow in “nude beach”. Concentrate on tops of the cheekbones, t-zone, down the nose, and chin.
  3. Contour the face with a forest green. If the shadow is too bright, mix equal parts grey, black, and green. Draw on leaves and branches to the sides of the face with a thin brush or liner. Add some of the shimmery green eye shadow to the center of the leaves to make them pop.
  4. Finish off the look with a bright pink blush. This will tie the contour and highlight together and giving a more ethereal feel. Use a gold shadow over lip balm or a gold lipstick on the lips to maintain the theme.





  1. Apply foundation a few shades lighter than your skin (the one that you have tucked in the back of your drawer waiting to be used during those gray, sun-less winter months). Next, apply red Halloween cream makeup all over the eye. Concentrate the color around the eye and fade out. Add a purple shade to the crease and under the eye. Deepen the crease and wing the shadow out on the lid with black shadow.
  2. Heavily line the eye with eye liner. For best results, line your tight line, waterline, and lash line. Make sure to go around the tear duct. This look requires a highly intense smoldered eye look.
  3. Fill in eyebrows with eyeliner or black cream makeup so that they are dark and angular. Feel free to create a totally new brow shape. The more daring the eyebrows are, the better it will look.
  4. Contour the face with dark gray or black cream makeup. Apply dark red lipstick and deepen the corners with black eye shadow or lipstick for an ombré effect.


This is the year to go all out. What’s stopping you? Get creative and inspired by your makeup. Have a fun and safe Halloween, and, of course, make sure to stay fierce.


Photos by: Roberto Leon

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