Street Smart: Edgy Contrast

by Victoria Fok, Fashion Writer

Street Smart Mathilde HansenWhile walking on State Street Wednesday afternoon, it was hard to believe that it was still fall. With the chilly temperatures and light snow flurries we may as well have been experiencing an early Wisconsin winter. Consequently thanks to the bitter cold air, it’s difficult to not fall into the routine of wearing jeans and chunky sweaters. Thus when I spotted Mathilde, her outfit caught my eye.

A graduate student from Copenhagen, Denmark, Mathilde’s outfit was the definition of European chic. Not only did her black tights, scarf, and leather jacket add an edgy touch to her floral print dress, but the various elements of her ensemble provided the necessary warmth needed for such a chilly afternoon. Thus as the temperatures get closer to their below-freezing mark, allow Mathilde’s European-cool ensemble remind you that the perfect cold-weather outfit doesn’t always have to consist of pants and a thick-knit sweater. Rather a fun dress with a pair of cozy tights can be your new go-to look.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Name: Mathilde Hansen

Year in School: Graduate Student

Major: Sociology

Wearing: Dress, H&M; Jacket, imB; Boots, John Fluevog

Personal Style: “I would say it’s sweet but still edgy. I like wearing dresses and girly things, but I always pair something edgy, like this leather jacket, with it.”

Favorite Article of Clothing: “This leather jacket. It goes with everything!”

Favorite Places to Shop: “In Madison I like shopping at Urban Outfitters. I also love shopping on Madison Avenue in Chicago.”

Spotted: Wednesday, October 23, 4:00 pm; Outside of Walgreens on State Street

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