De-Stressing Guide: Finding Your Zen

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The first wave of midterms passed and somehow you’re still alive. Unfortunately, an unnecessary buildup of stress continues to develop and hover over every last bit of energy in your tired body. Here at MODA, we understand how stress can turn into your worst enemy. To lighten the post-traumatic stress from the first wave of midterms and to further prevent stress during the next wave, the MODA Lifestyle Staff assembled a De-Stressing Guide just for you. Don’t let stress consume you – live life to its best this semester.

by Alexa Carlson, Contributing Writer

Classes, studying for exams, jobs, meetings for clubs, and more: being a college student today is busy. We all know that exercise is extremely important, but finding time to incorporate it into our schedules is not so easy. That’s where yoga comes in. Not only does yoga get you active, it has an amazing power to help you meditate away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Many students at Madison don’t realize the immense yoga opportunities available to them in the Madison community.

photo by Inner Fire Yoga
photo by Inner Fire Yoga

Despite common knowledge, there’s more to yoga than slow breathing and fancy poses. For those looking for an even more rigorous work out, hot yoga is perfect for you. Even better, a hot yoga studio, Inner Fire Yoga, recently opened a new location on campus. They offer a wide variety of classes in their heated studio for all levels of ability. If you’re just starting out yoga, try Slow Flow. This class helps students learn how to concentrate on staple yoga poses and proper breathing techniques. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcomed alike into other classes as well. Regular Hot Yoga classes are perfect for general strength building. Power Flow incorporates more abdominal and balance exercises. Inner Fire Flow is a mix between the Hot Yoga and Power Flow. Let’s not forget to mention that the late night Candlelight flow is done, you guessed it, in candle light for an extremely relaxing and rejuvenating experience. In short, it’s easy to see yoga is anything but boring at Inner Fire!

If you’re looking for yoga in a much larger group, at a very well priced student package, and in less extreme heat, the SERF and Natatorium both offer standard yoga and Power Flow Yoga. If you sign up for the Group X package each semester is only $25. This includes yoga classes as well as plenty of other workout classes like Zumba and Spinology.

photo by
photo by

If you’re having one of those super busy weeks during midterm season and scheduling separate time to go to yoga classes is just too stressful, why not try some DIY at home yoga? Either roll out your own mat, or feel free to just use a towel or the bare floor. Turn on the Pandora Yoga station and dim the lights in the room for a relaxed vibe. Simple as that: your own personal yoga studio. Consulting either Google or Pinterest, you can easily find plenty of simple yoga routines to try out. I prefer finding a good yoga routine on Pinterest that allow myself to improvise and focus on my favorite poses as well. Yoga is about relaxing and meditating, don’t stress about being perfect.

Yoga is a very “flexible” type of exercise. Whether you desire a strengthening exercise at Inner Fire, a fun group atmosphere at the SERF or the Natatorium, or finding your Zen in the comfort of your own room, you’ll thank yourself for taking some time away from studying to calm down and de-stress. Who knows, that new found focus from your yoga session might even help you do better on exams.

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