Style Icon: Mark Ronson

by Yeonju Oh, Contributing Writer

Mark Ronson 04If you’re into men’s fashion, especially suits, look to Mark Ronson as a contemporary fashion inspiration. A Grammy Award winning English musician, producer, and superstar DJ, Ronson is not only a talented musician, but a style icon in the industry as well; earing recognition as GQ’s “Man of the Year” and The Straight Times’ “Man of Style.”

Due to Ronson’s fabulous and trendy fashion sense, he has numerous fans all around the world, including far-away nations like Korea, where he recently visited to have his first concert ever. These global and loyal fans praise him notably as a “brilliant musician in a suit.”

Among the more innovative interpretations of Ronson’s style, his major fashion trademark is distinguished by the unique and colorful choices of his suits. Yet more importantly, Ronson shows that the true fashion statement always starts with the fit and he covertly shares his idea that “knowing the best fit for oneself” is a foremost step in dressing for successful suit style.

Ronson’s notable taste in choosing versatile types of suits is incredible. From candy striped three piece suits, to the refreshing palette of bright pink trousers and jackets, Ronson has virtually tried almost every color and type of suit allowing groundbreaking colors and patterns to add a unique vibrancy to his style.

Though potentially boring and obsolete, Ronson’s ability to enjoy a full-color fashion spectrum of suits by styling up his ensembles with thought-provoking hues assures that his look is never dull. Noting one of his braver fashion statements, Ronson once dressed simply and sharply with a head-to-toe shocking pink suit to the Versace for H&M runway show.

Adding an angle to his experimentation with saturated colors, Ronson is known for adding interesting touches of flair to make his look stand out even more.

Yet perhaps one of the best aspects of Ronson’s style is that he knows how to play with pattern variation. For example, his ability to match a creamy suit and polka-dot waistcoat with polka-dot sneakers was rather impressive as his flamboyant styling brought him right into the realm of true creativity.

However in spite of his ostentatious style, Ronson still finds a way to remain chic and simple. Possessing an experimental yet modish strategy for brave color matching and incorporating eccentric patterns, Ronson’s style is truly enviable and certainly something to watch out for.

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