Fashion News Recap: New Law Protects Underage Models, Petition Attacks Terry Richardson

by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent

New York Governor Signs Law to Protect Underage Models

Marc Jacobs Teen Model 02
Marc Jacobs Teen Model

In a liberating moment for New York fashion industry child models, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that will now recognize models under the age of 18 as child performers.

What does this mean for the young models that fall into that category? A midnight curfew will be enforced on school nights and restrictions will be set on the amount of hours worked at a time. The bill also requested on-set tutors and a more tedious paperwork process for designers interested in hiring child models. Designers who choose to ignore the law will be fined a set amount for the first offense and increasing amounts if they continue on the path of disobedience.

Yet most importantly, as expressed by Susan Scafidi of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University, this new law brings “a whole new group under legal protection.” To be blunt, the fashion industry is cut-throat and demanding, and it is now being realized that these characteristics of the industry should not prevent young models from receiving fair treatment in the workplace.

However in spite of the aforementioned statement, many may still question how necessary the passing of this law was. Fortunately many fashion industry personnel have already expressed a willingness to comply with the new rules, but others are approaching the change more stubbornly. Among these designers is Marc Jacobs who has reportedly kept models on set until 4:30 am.

Seeing as the law was signed by the New York Governor, the new enforcements will only be effective for teen models in the state of New York, but hopefully the high status of the city’s fashion industry will set the bar for others around the country.

Marc Jacobs Teen Model Casting
Marc Jacobs Teen Model Casting

Petition for Designers to Ditch Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson
Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson’s career could be in jeopardy after a petition was launched to persuade designers to cut work ties with the photographer. The motivation behind this aggressive petition was initiated by to shine a negative spotlight on the supposed negative influences of Richardson’s work on the media.

After Richardson’s recent and past allegations of sexual abuse, the petition’s founder, Alice Ehrenfried, has been persistent in exploiting his alleged unethical practices. Her goal is to illuminate the photographer’s “degrading pornographic imagery” and “inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.”

With the online petition already at 6,000 signatures, the concern seems to resonate with quite a handful of others. H&M recently expressed its concern via Twitter stating that if the speculations behind the petition were true it would be “totally unacceptable” to the company.

Richardson has been responsible for some seriously racy photos lately, so the pleas of the petition are certainly not unwarranted. His arguably inappropriate photos of Miley Cyrus, among other celebrities, have caused quite the media storm recently.

Yet now the question remains: will other brands band together to bring Richardson down? Only the future will tell, but H&M’s social media slam will likely generate more suspicion of the photographer in the weeks and months to come. However, the public response to this petition could have the power to spur Richardson’s demise alone. Who knows – perhaps Richardson’s upcoming photo shoot for Sears’ Kardashian Kollection may mark the beginning of a harmful downward spiral in his fashion career.

Terry Richardson with Miley Cyrus
Terry Richardson with Miley Cyrus

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