BeYOUtiful: Guide to Oversleeping

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by Madeline Schmid, Contributing Writer

You’ve overslept from trying to cram in a little more studying before your exam, and you only have a few minutes before class starts. What do you do? No matter what the reason is, we’ve all been in a situation when we’re running late and have to get ready in a rush. Here are the essentials to surviving and getting through those crazy, chaotic mornings.


1. Nude Bra (dudes can go straight to #2): Everyone needs a nude bra or two (or three). You can’t see them under white shirts- or any color for that matter. They are an essential for the girl on the go. You won’t waste any time wondering, “Can people see my bra through this shirt?”

2. All Black Everything: What goes better with black than black? Black always matches and always looks chic. Go for looks that are baggy on top and tight on the bottom. This look is well put-together and it is incredibly comfortable. Black leggings and an over-sized sweater create a flawless outfit that takes no time, effort, or thought.

3. Accent Piece: Grab a scarf or a bold necklace. You are already wearing all black so no matter what you grab, it won’t clash with your outfit. Throw it on and it’ll look like you put forth a lot of effort, even though the rest of the world doesn’t know you didn’t.

4. Dry Shampoo: Dry Shampoo is a must have for both women and men. It’s essentially baby powder in an aerosol can. This shampoo can tend to leave a strange white cast on your hair, so use with caution and always distribute evenly. Spray it onto the roots of the hair, and work it in with your fingers tips. Just like that, your hair looks clean and voluminous in less than ten seconds.

5. For make-up, check out this 1-shadow eye look. If you don’t have any time for an entire eye look, never skip the most important steps: moisturizing, blush, and mascara. Using a moisturizer will leave your face feeling less greasy throughout the day. The blush will liven up your face and bring out your natural beauty and bone structure. Finally, mascara will make your eyes pop and make you look nice and awake.

6. Breakfast: Never skip breakfast. It sets the tone for your entire day. It’ll pep you up and prepare you for the day ahead. Even just a quick nutrition bar for on-the-go will do.


Following these tips will make those hectic days a little less terrifying. Just remember that no matter how you end up looking, confidence is key. As long as you rock your look, no one will ever know that you woke up 6 minutes ago. You’ll be surprised at how many people will say, “You look good today!”

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