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by Marissa Monett, Fashion Writer


New York Fashion Week, look for backstage at Lela Rose.
New York Fashion Week, look for backstage at Lela Rose.

Creativity is the essence of fashion. Except in the midst of school, work, and a beautifully busy life, sometimes imagination in the style department is swept away by the energy it takes to “viva la vida.” Instead of settling for another day of predictability, allow Cara Van Brocklin of Cara Loren to inspire today’s outfit with her effortless and easily replicable style.

If Van Brocklin’s style was to be summarized in a single word it would be balance. Every outfit she creates harmonizes classic with trendy, never letting one overpower the other. Most of her ensembles start with a basic canvas of pieces every woman should own. Whether it’s a favorite pair of jeans, a quality leather jacket, a basic red dress, a cozy sweater, or heeled booties, “classic” is always a major element in her outfit and although a component, it is just the start. From her classic roots, Van Brocklin paints her canvas with an array of trendier pieces. From leopard heels to a fringe purse to her favorite beanie, her outfits never fall flat. Nor does she let her fans go without help. Every outfit ends with a guide to buying a similar outfit so predictability won’t be part of your fashion vocab anymore.

Van Brocklin featured (left) with her son Hanes (middle) and husband (right).
Van Brocklin featured (left) with her son Hanes (middle) and husband (right).

Van Brocklin’s personal style isn’t the only fashion spotlighted on her site. The blogger, only in her early 20s, is married to Brady Van Brocklin and mother of two-year-old Hanes. Occasionally Van Brocklin showcases her favorite boys’ style, appealing to mothers, wives and young women alike. As if it wasn’t hard enough to resist enviously scrolling through her own clothes, adding an impeccably dressed toddler and even better dressed man in the mix pretty much glues girls’ eyes to the screen.

In the past year, Van Brocklin has been working her way from the virtual fashion world up into the real one. In the beginning of August, the blogger announced she would be representing Utah as an ambassador in H&M’s “50 States of Fashion” campaign. Then this fall, Van Brocklin made her way from show to show at New York Fashion Week with fellow blogger Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde. The two had the extraordinary opportunity to go backstage for both Lela Rose and Alice + Olivia’s show. Currently, Van Brocklin is working with the London based designer Kingdom & State to design three pieces for their winter line.

Thus, when it feels like just another sweater and jeans day, take a quick look at Cara Loren. Sometimes creativity just needs a spark, and her balanced yet original style may be just the trigger it needs.

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  1. Oh my goodness I just read this article and I am so honored. Thank you so so much for all your sweet words, it means the world to me! Seriously I can’t say thank you enough!

    XOXO CaraLoren

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