Café Review: The Sunroom Café

by Emma Leuman, Fashion Writer


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Walking up the stairs to the Sunroom Café spurs a mix of high-energy anticipation and a grumbling stomach. But for this trip, you’ll want to be hungry.

Although the décor is a bit bland (think your grandmother’s brunch room), the atmosphere is what gives the Sunroom Café its signature charm. Located on State Street, the Sunroom Café is a second floor coffee shop and restaurant. A wall full of windows looks down on the historic State Street, flooding the café with light.

The atmosphere feels like that of a family restaurant. Customers order at the front counter and retrieve their food when their name is called, chatting amongst themselves in the meantime. Wicker chairs and booth seats line the walls, but this may not be the place you want to go to study. The Sunroom Café does a lot of business during breakfast and lunch rushes, and they turnover tables quickly.

Coffee is just one of many things that Sunroom Café offers. Menu highlights include smoothies, delectable quiches, pastry items, hot sandwiches, and soup. The Sunroom Café is also known as the go-to café for organic and vegetarian options. This café has one of those menus that pleads for you to try everything (at least once). I tried the lemon-blueberry scone, and I have to say it was the perfect blend of fresh and filling. As you can tell by the picture, I ate it so fast that it was gone before I had the chance to whip out my cell phone.

This café is a place you should definitely bring your parents to if they come to visit. They will appreciate the hometown atmosphere and praise the food, giving you all the credit of course. However, if you’re in a rush, you’re going to need to decide if the long wait is worth the delicious food waiting for you at the end. In my opinion, as long as you have a table near the window so you can adequately “people watch” and the promise of fantastic food, no wait is too long.

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