BeYOUtiful: ‘Do the Dirty- 4 Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

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by Madeline Schmid, Contributing Writer


It is a well-known fact that washing your hair every day is not healthy. Shampoo strips your hair of all its natural oils, often leaving it brittle and damaged. The longer the wait between washes, the healthier hair will become. Soon your scalp will regulate oil production based on this better wash schedule and your hair will appear much less greasy. As a testimonial, the hair in these photos has not been washed in three days and no dry shampoo was used (There is always the option of showering and not washing your hair. Just invest in a shower cap). The dream of having this glorious, healthy hair seems unachievable sometimes because leaving the house looking like a grease ball should never be idealistic. The following are some hairstyles that will help you make it through till the next wash without making you look like a slob in class.

The first step to all of the following hairstyles is dry shampoo. Almost every hair-care line has their own dry shampoo out on the market. Most dry shampoos are very similar so try a couple out to see what works best. Dry shampoo comes out white so people with darker hair should look for dry shampoo that targets dark hair and make sure to really work the product in. Batiste has a well-formulated comprehensive line great for beginners.


Look 1: Milkmaid braids


– Split your hair into two halves and braid the two pigtails. Make sure to pull the hair underneath so that the braids will lay flat on your head.
– Wrap them around the top of your head and secure with bobby pins. Pull a few pieces of hair out around your to give a naturally messy look instead of a matronly German woman. This hair style is great because the messier it gets, the cuter it looks.


Look 2: Ballerina Bun













– For long hair put your hair in a high tight bun on the top of your head. Gently pull the bun to make it larger and looser. Add another elastic around the bun to make it taller and more secure.
– For short hair put your hair in a ponytail on the top of your head. Then fold the hair so you have it evenly falling around the ponytail (see photo). Then, attach a hair elastic around the hair and pull gently. This also works with long hair you just have to hide the ends.


Look 3: Blake Lively Ponytail













-Spray hair with sea salt spray and scrunch to create Blake Lively’s effortless, beautifully messy hair.

– Put your hair into a ponytail. Finish by wrapping a piece of hair around the hair elastic to disguise it. Fasten with a bobby pin.


Look 4: If all else fails, wear a hat


– Hats are perfect for those days when the ends of your hair look great but the roots cannot be helped. Hats are cute and warm, perfect for chilly weather.


Dirty hair can be surprisingly fun and fashionable. Just because your hair hasn’t been washed, it doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. Next time your hair looks and feels a little nasty, get creative instead of resorting to washing it. In the long run, your hair and scalp will thank you for not over-washing.


Photos by: Roberto Leon

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