Bloggers We Love: Stephanie Kuncman of Steffy’s Pros and Cons

by Victoria Fok, Fashion Writer

Stephanie Kuncman
Stephanie Kuncman

What does it mean to be truly stylish? Such is a question that is pondered on the daily by many individuals. Some have earned this label by rocking the latest trends, while others have become idolized through donning the best designer duds. Yet following traditional fashion rules can often be dull and even boring. In fact, sometimes all a fashion-savvy individual needs to do is just be fearless and experimental with her own personal style.

This is exactly what Stephanie Kuncman of Steffy’s Pros and Cons has done. With a blog that documents her unique retro-inspired style, this self-proclaimed vintage fashion devotee combines thrift pieces with modern pieces to create quirky, dynamic ensembles.

While many fashion bloggers flaunt expensive designer pieces on their blogs, Kuncman opts for more accessible styles that can easily be emulated. Working as a J. Crew visual merchandiser in Florida, Kuncman has learned not to settle for the boring and ordinary, but rather spice up her outfits by choosing classic pieces with edge. Instead of settling for plain sweaters, she reaches for her signature animal motif sweater. Ditching solid button-downs and plain black skinny jeans, she gravitates toward bold and vivacious printed blouses and pants. However, she always remembers to ground her quirky choices with great basics and classic pieces. Like a pair of J. Crew boyfriend jeans, for example.

Though Steffy’s Pros and Cons has evolved from a fashion blog to a general style blog, Kuncman originally started her site in college as an inspiration board, posting inspiration from her daily life. Two years after beginning her blog, she kept this personal touch by documenting her travels, cooking projects, and her own wedding planning process. Thus, with the evolution of her content, fashion and style are not the only topics of discussion that you can find on Kuncman’s blog. Delicious recipes and light-hearted DIY projects also have a home on Steffy’s Pros and Cons.

Currently recognized as a rising star in the blogosphere, Kuncman has been featured in Teen Vogue’s “Blogger of the Moment” section along with being mentioned in the blog of the online retailer, Lulu’s. Additionally, Kuncman’s unique vintage style has caught the eye of Mod Cloth, another online retailer that specializes in indie and vintage-inspired clothing. Yet in spite of her growing recognition, Kuncman still hopes to expand her blog even more, opening up the opportunity for other fashion-savvy hopefuls to continue to look to Steffy’s Pros and Cons for unconventional inspiration.

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