Cold-Weather Accessories Guide

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by Paige Schultz, Fashion Editor, and Fashion Writers Maddy Gilson, and Marissa Monett

Cold-Weather Accessories 02Each year in fashion the same story is told. Temperatures drop, wardrobes evolve and, inevitably, style suffers. Drudgingly, fleece hats are pulled out, thermal leggings rise from their resting place in storage, and gloves reserved for the ski slopes are worn in defense of frozen fingers. Slowly but surely the beginning of the end draws near and the commencement of the cold-weather accessory slump starts all over again.

Well, here at MODA, the Fashion Team is sick of it. Gone are the days of blaming the weather for careless style choices and lack of fashion inspiration. Rather as of this moment, it is time to take charge and bravely combat freezing temperatures with cozy accessories. Drawing inspiration from the streets and the latest trends, our Fashion Writers have assembled a list of 5 different accessories that are versatile, cool, and, above all, warm. So brace yourselves for the weather to come and layer up with this season’s best. There’s no reason you should ever leave your style out in the cold.

Wide Brim Fedora

Wide-Brim Fedoras

Beautiful and pristine, a fresh layer of snow is viewed as one of the most beautiful characteristics of Wisconsin winters. Unfortunately, biting winds soaring past bare ears can quickly eliminate this serenity, forcing us to bundle up. Instinctually, you reach for your stocking cap or knitted headband, but dismayingly you realize that everyone’s cold-weather ensemble includes similar headwear.  Because of this, it seems nearly impossible to stand out, and you find yourself bogged down with a case of winter hat monotony.

As a solution, opt for donning a wide-brim fedora hat. Not only does it have a distinctly original look, but numerous styles and colors allow this accessory to be even more statement-worthy. When wearing prints or plaid, choose a neutral-colored fedora. To dress up a basic black parka, reach for a rich, emerald hue. Certainly, style is always the goal, but staying warm often takes priority. Fortunately, this hat will cover both.

Fall 2013: Prabal Gurung, Oscar de la Renta, Rochas
Fall 2013: Prabal Gurung, Oscar de la Renta, Rochas

Leather Gloves

Undoubtedly, protecting fingers from the cold is of the utmost importance. However, the generic notion of black fleece gloves being the only cold-weather accessory that can fend off frigid temperatures is boring and outdated. With that in mind, nothing sharpens a winter outfit more than a pair of quality leather gloves. Whether paired with a dressier pea coat or the essential black parka, leather gloves upgrade an ensemble from unoriginal and unrefined to sophisticated and chic. Major names in fashion like Jason Wu and Michael Kors included leather gloves in their fall 2013 collections, but regardless of their industry approval this accessory is a true wardrobe investment that will surely not go out of style anytime soon.

Faux Fur Scarves and Stoles

Faux Fur Scarves and Stoles

Over the past several years, scarves have transitioned from a winter necessity to an everyday accessory. Unfortunately such prevalence detracts from an accessory’s boldness and as such, catching someone’s eye through wearing a scarf is unlikely. Nevertheless scarves do serve a purpose, and as temperatures continue to drop it is crucial to keep warm. Deriving inspiration from the runways of fall 2013, avoid blending in this season by opting for a faux fur scarf or stole. Exhibiting multiple representations of fur in their looks, designers favored fur as the accent of warmth for the fall and winter months. When paired with a chunky sweater, vest, or wool trench coat, a touch of this luxurious textile will not only set you apart, but it will also keep you warmer than the conventional knit scarf whilst adding an air of coziness and affluence to your ensemble. 

High Socks

High Socks

Though they are certainly nothing new on the fashion front, high socks are one style that people tend to shy away from. For most this is because knee-high or thigh-high socks are stereotypically associated with school-girl style, giving off a Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” vibe. However in paying attention to styling, this notion can be avoided altogether. The variety seen in high socks is endless, ranging from solid, patterned, knitted, and even ribbed styles. Worn with dresses or skirts this accessory is best paired with boots, though it can work with flats as well. For extra warmth and texture, layering socks over tights can also add a dynamic feel for an ensemble. The key is to avoid exposing too much bare skin. After all, the goal is to remain warm and not to overexpose oneself.

Fingerless Gloves 05

Fingerless Gloves

When the time comes to begin breaking out our cold-weather gear, gloves are arguably the one essential that you cannot go without. After all, frozen fingers are by far one of the most uncomfortable cold-weather problems to deal with. However, wearing gloves can often be a hassle as certain styles can make it difficult to use smartphones and grasp onto our belongings that we tote from class to class. Fortunately, fingerless gloves have been trending this season, providing an ideal balance of versatility and warmth. Though non-revolutionary in terms of style, this accessory’s variety has increased tremendously in the past year. These gloves may be soft and knitted, have quirky details and patterns, or they may have edgier accents such as leather. Either way, this is a style that is as functional as it is fashionable, providing a happy-medium for all to indulge in.


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