DIY: Fall Cleaning and Organizing

by Alexa Carlson, Lifestyle Writer

Winter is upon us, which means spending more quality time indoors. Even though school has only been in session for two months, clutter and messes have undoubtedly accumulated in your dorm or apartment. Here, MODA put together a guide on how to clean and organize your space, allowing you to prosper from a healthier, happier winter indoors.
Living in small spaces, especially if you have one or more roommates, can make it especially easy to get sick. If you haven’t given your room a good cleaning in the past two months, now is the time to do so. Pick a day each week (or biweekly) to serve as your “cleaning day.” Split tasks up between you and your roommates to save time. There’s no need to buy tons of different cleaning supplies. Clorox wipes and Lysol or Fabreeze spray will help you clean most surfaces in your room. A small vacuum can also come in handy.
Step 1.

Tackle your refrigerator. Get rid of any expired food. Use a Clorox wipe to clean up any spills on the shelves. Do the same on the inside of your microwave and stove top if you have one.

Step 2.

Take out you garbage and recycling, use Lysol spray inside the containers to eliminate bacteria and nasty smells that may have built up.


Step 3.

Use a couple more Clorox wipes on surfaces like desks, shelves, and dressers. Also, wipe down door handles and light switches; this task only takes a few seconds and should be done frequently when roommates are sick.Step 4: Use Lysol to spray down any pillows, blankets or couches that are shared by multiple people; especially if someone has been sick.Step 4.

Vacuum your floor for the final step.

You may have started the year off organized but it’s easy to slack off now that you’ve settled in. Cluttered rooms are not enjoyable to spend time in and can cause unneeded stress. Take an hour or two to get back on track and you’ll thank yourself when finals come around.


Step 1.

Go through your closet. What haven’t you worn since you got to school? Donate, sell, or send home any undesired clothing. Store your summer shorts and sandals if you have space so that your closet can be easily accessible.
Step 2.

Organize your paperwork. Even though most assignments and handouts are online these days, I still find myself with a few important documents for my job, bank account, and student organizations. Invest in a couple cheap folders to keep the important papers safe. As well, it might not hurt to print out a hard copy of important class information regarding midterms, essays, or finals.

Step 3.

Email: everyone complains about it, we all have it, and no one enjoys checking it. Take some time to sit down and weed out any old and unneeded messages. Simply seeing that inbox go from 500 to 50 is the best feeling ever. Even though it’s not physical clutter, it’s important to keep organized.


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