Fashion News Recap: Instagram Advertising, J.Crew’s First Commercial Venture

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by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent

Michael Kors Ad Angers Instagram Users

Michael Kors Instagram Advertisement
Michael Kors Instagram Advertisement

Kicking off the start of a new age in advertising, Michael Kors was one of the first on Instagram to bombard users with ads last week. Whether you were one of the designer’s astounding 1.3 million followers or not, your Instagram surfing may have been interrupted by the advertisement.

Amidst the slew of user comments posted on the social media platform, many have threatened boycotting Instagram or have sassily stated, “no advertising please,” in response to these new advertising tactics. However, there are others who have shared their praise for the pictured watch, but question the authenticity of the ad itself. Yet despite the overwhelmingly negative outpour of feedback on the historical post, the ad was surprisingly unobtrusive, unlike the plethora of in-your-face advertisements we’re exposed to daily.

The ad itself contained a Michael Kors watch subtly placed amongst a colorful plate of macaroons and, assumedly, a cup filled with a coffee or espresso beverage. In fact, if Instagrammers weren’t aware of the app’s new ad feature, the Michael Kors ad could have easily gone unnoticed.

For most users, the anger seemingly arose from the sole fact that their newsfeed featured sponsored posts. Many people in modern society tend to instinctively jump to assumptions when it comes to advertising, believing automatically that advertisements are inherently bad. Perhaps these enraged Instagram users were channeling their emotions from these negative connotations as well.

Either way, Instagrammers are now expected to become accustomed to sponsored content as many other accounts are set to follow suit. Perhaps with an even more subtle approach social media advertising could eventually become more effective and generate a more positive response from users.

J. Crew’s First TV Commercial

J. Crew Advertisement 02After 30 years of business, the ever-popular mainstream label, J. Crew, finally debuted its first TV commercial. The commercial was the joint project of J. Crew and Mastercard in a marketing campaign to promote MasterPress, a new online checkout method featured on J. Crew’s website.

Well-said by, the commercial “reminds us of the Old Navy and Gap commercials of yore,” featuring  an energetic, attractive family dressed to the nines in J. Crew apparel as they pose for a holiday card. Yet while visually appealing, the commercial falls in line with traditional holiday commercials and therefore fails to present any revolutionary themes or ideas.

However, regardless of the plot fail, Mastercard struck gold by collaborating with J. Crew on this commercial venture. The combined hype of the fashion label’s first commercial with its already-established popularity will undoubtedly generate a considerable amount of buzz and likely some generous web traffic as well. While the overused “fun for the whole family” theme utilized in the commercial is arguably unimpressive and cliché, the Mastercard and J. Crew collaboration has a potentially promising outlook.

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