This Not That: Close Calls

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by Brooke Goldberg, Social Writer

College can be a very hard time to make wise decisions about calorie intake. People may not realize how many calories they are consuming in a given meal or snack. Additionally, many may think certain foods they are eating are healthy when they might be unknowingly high in calories and carbohydrates. Everyone is allowed to indulge in their favorite foods once in a while. If you make certain changes that save 200 calories per day, you could fight unnecessary weight gain without any effort. Below are a few healthy food alternatives for very similar foods that can save you a significant amount of those unnecessary hidden calories.

This- a vodka soda

Calories: 100-150

Not that- a vodka cranberry

Calories: 200-250



If you are out for a night at bars or casually drinking elsewhere with friends, have a vodka-soda drink. This drink is made with soda water and a shot of vodka. Additionally, you can put in a 10-calorie crystal light packet for a sweeter taste. This drink contains a no-calorie mixer (unless you put in crystal light) and all of the calories come from the vodka.

A vodka-cranberry is a standard and popular drink to order at the bar. However, in addition to the vodka calorie-intake, you are also consuming cranberry juice, a very sugar-heavy drink.


This- Weight-Watcher Ice Cream Cup

Calories: 140 for ¾ cup

Not that- Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Low Fat Frozen Yogurt

Calories: 170 for only ½ cup


A Weight-Watcher ice cream cup offers 6 flavors: chocolate fudge brownie, mint chocolate-chip, cookies & cream, turtle sundae, peanut butter delight and chocolate chip cookie dough. For a low amount of calories, you can eat six ounces of ice cream, perfect after-dinner dessert.

The Haagen-Dazs choice may seem healthier because it is deemed “frozen yogurt.” However, don’t be fooled. A half-cup serving (four ounces) is 170 calories. You can have an extra two ounces of the Weight-Watcher ice cream for either the same amount, or less calories, depending on your choice of flavor.

This- Pop Secret 100-Calorie Popcorn

Calories: 100

Not that- Orville Redenbacher’s Ultimate Butter Popcorn

Calories: 425 per bag


A single 100-calorie popcorn is a snack both tasty and portion-savvy. You get a good amount of popcorn for a low amount of calories. Pop Secret comes in either a butter or kettle flavor. If you enjoy that buttery taste to popcorn, spray some 0-calorie “I can’t believe it’s not butter” onto your popcorn. It’ll taste just like you’re in a movie theater.

The serving size of Orville’s popcorn is about four cups popped and there are 2.5 servings in the bag. The serving size contains 170 calories, which means there are 425 calories of popcorn in the entire bag. Since the bag isn’t portion-controlled, you could accidentally consume the entire bag without realizing the damage.


A few small changes can go a long way in helping you maintain weight. The key is to keep a healthy lifestyle. These small tricks can help you pick the better of two very close options while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks.

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