Movie Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World’

by Kristen Tracy, Contributing Writer


As the most recently released film in the Marvel franchise, “Thor: The Dark World” won’t disappoint Marvel fans. With beautiful special effects and complex characters, the movie combines action, humor and suspense to create a lasting impression on viewers.

In contrast to the first Thor film, the sequel takes place primarily in Asgard, but also in other universes. In the film, Thor and his Asgardian army fight to prevent Malekith, the dark elf, from obtaining the Aether, the weapon of ultimate darkness. The Aether infects Jane, Thor’s girlfriend, who then returns to Asgard with Thor in an attempt to remove the weapon from her system.

Loki, Thor’s brother, is kept as prisoner in Asgard until Thor needs his help fighting Malekith. Loki’s one-liners throughout the film keep the mood from becoming too heavy, giving viewers a good laugh.

Throughout the film, viewers are continually engaged with action scenes and plot twists that keep the audience guessing what is real and what is an illusion.

As a sequel to both Thor and the Avengers, Thor 2 continues Marvel’s superhero narrative. As someone who has not read all the comics, I was a bit confused as to how Loki seems to continue to come back from the dead and how the bridge in Asgard seemed to be magically restored without an explanation.

The film is also available in 3-D and IMAX. Having seen the film in 3-D, this medium enhances the story, the viewer’s perspective, and the overall film experience. However, the 3-D effects are minimal and some may see them as irrelevant or not worth it. I believe watching films in 3-D creates a whole new viewing experience and makes the viewer feel like part of the story.

Overall, this film is a great addition to the Marvel film family and will not disappoint fans. Be sure to stay for bonus scenes after the credits, and watch out for a cameo from another Avenger!

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