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by Anna Olla, Contributing Writer

Left, Beginners Budget Makeup Kit. Right (Top), Cara Brook with her husband and son. Right (Bottom) Brook's Makeup Line.
Left, Beginners Budget Makeup Kit. Right (Top), Cara Brook with her husband and son. Right (Bottom) Brook’s Makeup Line.

As a beauty, fashion, and DIY blogger, Cara Brook of Maskcara is no stranger to juggling multiple roles. Recently named as the winner of Allure’s 2013 Beauty Blogger of the Year Award, Brook also dabbles in makeup artistry and being a young mother, miraculously managing to maintain lives both in and out of the blogosphere.

Maskcara Highlighting and Contouring How-To
Maskcara Highlighting and Contouring How-To

In truth, living such a busy lifestyle may seem unplanned, but Brook knew from age eleven that she was destined to work with makeup, whether she became a makeup artist or a designer of her own cosmetics line. Seeing opportunity in the blogging realm, Brook began brainstorming blog names, searching for different ways to say “face” in other languages. Eventually, she came across the Spanish word for face which coincidentally is “Cara,” and she thought it was destiny until she realized just how widely overused the word already was. In this moment, Brook summoned her eight siblings to engage in a blog name brainstorming session and with the help of her sister, “Maskcara” was born on April 5, 2011.

From Brook’s techniques to her final, always-sublime looks, one would never guess that she had not undergone formal training, begging the question, “How did she learn all of this on her own?” Frankly, Brook’s technique is one she has been implementing for as long as she can remember and her expertise, gained through time and practice, have allowed her to accrue a substantial amount of followers.

Filled with a plethora of posts that speak to the ordinary woman, Maskcara’s relatable quality allows Brook to bond with her fans. Blogging about topics such as which products to use when you are in a rush and adventures of being a young mother, Brook is able to exude an approachable, girl-next-door appeal. Additionally, she never fails to include those who are on a budget as she creates blog posts about subject matters like the best drug store products or how to make your own beauty “potions” at home.

However, one of Brook’s most popular themes for her blog posts is undoubtedly the “before and after.” For this series, Brook chooses women of different backgrounds, sizes, and ages to be her beauty subjects. In the beginning of the feature, Brook explains the issue behind the “before” picture, and then she finishes her piece with how to resolve the problem by demonstrating which makeup products to use in order to achieve the “after” look.

So, whether you are a college girl on a budget or a fashion-lover who seriously slept through her alarm clock, don’t worry. Instead, allow Maskcara to be your go-to blog for quick and helpful advice.

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