How to Not Lose a Guy in 10 Days: The Art of Flirting


“A little flirt never hurts” – Any Guy Ever.


When it comes to reeling in a guy during any sort of situation: hooking up, dating, or even just texting, how you flirt is the crucial deciding factor in keeping a guy or losing him. There are so many different roundabout “strategies” used to flirt that it’s almost hard to define how to properly go about doing it. These general guidelines will lead you into right into the heart, arms, or bed of that one special fella.


Hooking Up

We’ve all been there. There’s that attractive guy at a party that you want to spend the rest of your night with doing God knows what. How do you get their attention and let them know your intentions? The first step is eye contact. There’s almost a magnetic pull in a room when two people looking for the exact same one-night fling lock eyes for the first time.  It is hard to believe that all initial interaction is done through a single glance (with a possible thrown-in smirk or playful wink). Alas, it’s true: it is a welcoming “I’m-kinda-digging-you” glance.  After the moment has passed and the party continues on with its business, you can slyly make your way across the room to talk to the guy.  Your next move is to be touchy. Whether you’re stroking his arm or placing your hand on his chest, you will find your niche when you get talking that will catch him off guard. Flirting to hook up doesn’t entail much deep conversation. Keep up a playful banter going while also engaging in eye contact and some sexual innuendos in order to add to your own personal strategy and flair of flirting to hook up.



Flirt texting (flexting?) is a whole differen problem when it comes to trying to land a guy. If you say one wrong thing, they might not text you back or they may start to see you in a way other than how you really want them too. If you text back too soon, it’s too aggressive or in the words of many ego-boosting men, it means “she wants me.” If you text back too slow, you’re not interested. Finding the perfect response time plays a major role in keeping a guy hooked in on your conversation. Texting for a f**k buddy can be very different from texting to keep a guy genuinely interested in you. Using winky faces and sexual innuendos in places where they may not normally need to be will keep a guy in line with your desires to hook up. Texting to keep a guy interested may also consist of winky faces here and there but asking questions and keeping things innocent shows your true personality and wish to continue to get to know this lucky guy.


Keeping a Guy for 10+ Days

This should be the easiest type of flirting because the only thing you have to do is be yourself. While, yes, you should sometimes throw a few gleaming eyes or playful touches in the mix, this type of flirting is purely about getting to know the other person. Guys will generally try to make you laugh. You might want to question their level of game if their idea of a joke or pick up line is:

“Is your dad a baker? Because you’ve got the nicest buns I’ve ever seen!”

Trying to remain lighthearted and truly engaged in conversation will show the guy that you are enjoying your time with him and encourage future meetings between the two of you.

Enjoy the advice and go use it to the best of your abilities.



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