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Fashion takes its first breath the moment it inspires. Provoked by a head turn, gasp, or admiring gaze, impeccable style is not something that can be defined by words like “trendy” or “chic.” Rather, style is distinguished by its ability to capture the eye, instill wonder, and spark new ideas. It may not be beautiful, conventional, or even runway, but such standards never take away from its power. Quite inexplicably, this power has a habit of taking our breath away and, more importantly, it almost always inspires us.

Below is the first-ever Fashion Team “inspo” board. Composed of various images, this board represents the method behind our madness; the reason why we brainstorm, write and publish the articles that we do. It is a window into the heart and soul of MODA’s fashion section, encapsulating the elements of our world that are inspiring us right here, right now. Weekly we’ll bring you something new, and it is our hope that the thoughts we share will not only inspire you, but invite you to further explore your own personal style as well.

This week, we’re inspired by leather, fur accents, messy hair, unique accessories, and interesting baubles. Our mood is eclectic and edgy. What’s yours?

Until next Monday – The Fashion Team

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