Brunching: Madison Sourdough

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by Brooke Goldberg, Social Writer

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A bit of a drive away from campus in a quiet neighborhood lies an adorable café and bakery called Madison Sourdough. This café and bakery specializes in bread (the title on their website specifically states “Really Good Bread”). I don’t know about everyone else, but in my opinion, bread can easily be the best part of a meal. We all know how disappointing it can be when you go to a restaurant, are waiting a long time for your food, and the waiter brings out that unheated, hard bread. Thankfully, this is not a problem at Madison Sourdough. Firstly, the food is served very quickly. Secondly, there are a plethora of warm and chewy bread options.
Next to the register, there was a tray with testers of bite-size pieces of walnut sourdough bread. The bread was delicious and that small tester immediately persuaded me that a sandwich or panini from this café would be well worth the calories over a salad or egg whites. So the decision was made: I would order the grilled chicken panini.

My panini was promptly served after only waiting for ten minutes. It was made with grilled chicken, a cranberry relish, Muenster cheese, Dijon aioli and lettuce all warmly compressed inside country sourdough bread. The bread was definitely the best part of the sandwich. It was warm, perfectly toasted and crunchy. I don’t like my sandwiches filled with too much cheese. This Panini had the perfect amount of Muenster cheese melted in between the bread and the chicken. If you are a big fan of a cranberry sauce, then you will love that addition. Cranberries aren’t particularly my favorite so next time I visit Madison Sourdough, I will probably order the panini without it.

The restaurant also has a bunch of different breakfast options. They offer different types of eggs, as well as French toast, potato hash and Greek yogurt. My friend ordered the Baker’s Breakfast, which comes with house-smoked ham, two eggs over easy, a sliced baguette and green salad. While I didn’t taste her meal, she said it was exceptional and that she would most definitely eat it again.

The scenery of the café gives it a warm and cozy feel. The café is decorated with many paintings of butterflies, cats, deer and other wildlife. The pale yellow wallpaper and the wooden tables and chairs give the café a comfortable and homey vibe. There was also background music playing at a low volume.

I went to this café around 11:45 a.m. on a Friday and only had to wait around five minutes for a table. By 12:30 p.m., there started to be quite the line—and understandably so! The different warm and delicious bread options are worth the wait. If you aren’t a bread junkie like myself, then maybe the different pastries on display will catch your eye instead. The café has a wide assortment of Danishes, chocolate éclair cookies, granola bars, and croissants.

Madison Sourdough is a great café to do work and is also a great place to go for that delicious Sunday brunch. Venture away from campus and try this café. I guarantee that while the wait may be a bummer, the bread and cozy atmosphere will not disappoint you.

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