Bloggers We Love: Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess

by Jessica Hamilton, Contributing Writer

Elsie and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess
Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess

Standing out in a blogosphere thanks to their charming sister act, siblings Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess prove that nothing beats having an adorable blog with your own sister. Since 2011, the sisters have worked together to co-author their lifestyle and fashion blog. Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, the two display pride for the Midwest and demonstrate that Midwesterners can be have fabulous style in spite of what others may think. Just this past year, Elsie and Emma released their first book, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, filled with tip, photos, and ideas that can be used throughout daily life. A Beautiful Mess has also been included as part of Martha’s Circle, a network of recognized blogs chosen by Martha Stewart editors.

Representing one of the stronger series of their blog, “Sister Style” is a feature that is often seen on the girls’ site.  In these posts, Elsie and Emma are photographed at the same location, typically in front of a beautiful colored wall or surrounded by a stunning natural setting, as they flaunt their stylish everyday ensembles. Typical of sisters, Elsie notes that the two regularly steal clothes from each other’s closets. Because of this, both of their styles generally resemble the one another, possessing qualities that are girly and sweet, with a little bit of edge. In incorporating an accessory like a patterned headband, brimmed hat, or chunky necklace, both girls effortlessly create eclectic and dynamic looks. Not only are their outfits wearable, but they are also bold and refreshing for those of us that slip into the monotonous black-on-black routine brought on by the dullness of winter fashion.

A Beautiful Mess is also packed with endless DIY projects, like how to make your own flower crown. Additionally, there is never a lack of delicious and creative recipes, like scrumptious pumpkin pies made in glass jars and decadent homemade Twix bars.

It’s easy to lose yourself in this delightful blog, as new, charming articles are constantly being posted to inspire every fashionista, wannabe chef, or aspiring interior design connoisseur.  As such, if you’re finding that the motions of hectic schedules and class are taking away from the fun in your days, check out A Beautiful Mess and be reminded of how to enjoy the sweet things in life.

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

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