Relationships 101: The Horrors of Apartment Hunting

by Kristen Tracy, Contributing Writer

At first, making the decision to live with your best friends in an apartment might seem like the best idea ever. Then, the apartment hunting process actually begins. As if college students do not already have enough stressors going on in their lives, the search for the perfect apartment in the best location, with the best price, and with the best people can be a major struggle. As well, it can seriously test your friendships.


Is it just me, or do people start looking for apartments earlier and earlier every year? A few years ago if you waited to sign a lease until after winter break, you could still find something that made everyone happy without settling. Now, however, if you sign a lease after Thanksgiving, your options are extremely limited. The short amount of time between fall move-in and lease signing season can really test our patience and stress levels. Here are some helpful tips to make apartment hunting a smoother process (for those who have still not yet signed).


Establish prices ranges and apartment size before you start looking.

This way, you will have an idea of where everyone stands price-wise. You can eliminate certain places right away, narrowing down your search and saving you time.


If you’re signing with someone you found on an online roommate board, make sure you meet them (and know them) first.

Living with someone completely new can be a great experience and possibly the beginning of new friendships. Make sure, though, that you meet this person before you decide to sign with them. Are they neat? Are they organized? Do you click with one another? If the answer is no, it would be better to find out before you sign that document and commit to living with one another for an entire year.


Living with someone can change the dynamic of your friendship, even if you have been best friends for years.

Moving in with someone means taking your relationship to the next level. In any relationship, whether it is a friend from high school or a friend from your discussion class, living together means spending more time with a person than you ever have in the past. Make sure that this is something you can handle before you sign.


Don’t stress.

The chances are good that everything will work out in the end. If you are living with your best friends or even completely new people, roommates can be a lot of fun. They will become someone to come home to at the end of a long day of classes, someone to talk to you when you need it, and someone to indulge in the joys of college with. Take advantage of this to its fullest.

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