The Fashion Experience: Rêve Runway Recap

by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent

Reve Fashion Show 01

The Fashion Experience, a multi-faceted runway show event produced by Rêve Runway, was hosted in Memorial Union’s Great Hall Wednesday night.

Doors opened at 6:30 p.m., allowing event guests to swing by the bar for a quick cocktail, browse the sponsors’ pop-up shops for impulse clothing and accessories purchases, and mingle with other attendees before the start of the show at around 7:30 p.m.

The catwalk event showcased the talents of local fashion designers as well as young, aspiring models, who fearlessly strutted down the runway to the beats of energetic pop tracks.

The show kicked off with the fierce dress designs of Gg Collections Boutique in Milwaukee.  This collection displayed bold animal prints, contrasting-pattern pieces and massive, eye-catching head pieces.   Flashy, form-fitting fabrics were utilized, accentuating coveted curves and making a statement on the runway.

Reve Fashion Show 02
Gg Collections, Zip-Dang Orangy Porangy

The next collection from Lu Anders Boutique delivered contrasting elements. Casual pieces included solid-colored cotton basics and a cable-knit, fur-lined vest.  In contrast, the bolder pieces of the collection featured vibrant tribal prints, mixed patterns and classic black-and-white ensembles.

Switching things up on the runway, Milwaukee-based Newd Clothing Company introduced a line of tastefully simple, men’s dress shirts complete with bright-eyed male models that were clearly eager to strut their stuff on the runway.

Following Newd was the Z. Bella Boutique of Middleton.  This collection was unique in that it specialized in clothing sizes 12 and up; emphasizing that models don’t need to be a size 2 to look fabulous on the runway.  The opening piece, which was a metallic, sequined dress, emulated that theory with effortless perfection.

Moda Muneca of Milwaukee presented a sexy collection that made use of sheer fabrics and sultry, skin-baring slits to present an assortment of midriff-exposing and two-piece ensembles. Additionally, flattering jumpsuits and a multi-faceted romper that could instantly transform into a halter dress proved to be crowd-pleasers. Concerning color, the collection utilized the slimming effects of black to craft the majority of its pieces.

Zip-Dang’s Orangy Porangy men’s and women’s collection targeted the nostalgia of our childhood with graphic tees, hoodies and bright, skater-style skirts for women.  Graphic designs were primarily cat-related, but various rose designs were incorporated as well.

Reve Fashion Show 03
Moda Muneca, Z Bella Boutique, Moda Muneca

The next line featured the dark designs of Sovrin Apparel.  The staple element of this men and women’s collection was the stamp of a single white symbol of a sword, skeleton, skull or snake.  The collection utilized a symmetrical design method; featuring leggings with an identical, single design on each leg or a tee with an animal skeleton.

The Middleton Dress company featured a collection of gowns varying in style from vintage, classic and glitzy party dresses.

Soho Market presented a collection that utilized geometric-patterns, pleather and varying shades of green, red and gold.  The gold complements gave some pieces a Baroque-like touch.

The final collection of the night came from Madison’s Velvet Button Boutique.  The collection screamed autumn with various sweater designs, rusty orange shades and faux-fur pieces.

Following the runway production, guests were welcome to extend their show experience beyond the non-interactive spectator role.  Guests could meander over to the bar for a refill on their cocktail, continue their pre-show shopping spree with pieces fresh off the runway and enjoy an eccentric performance by Sexy Ester.

Reve Fashion Show 04
Middleton Dress Company, Velvet Button Boutique, Moda Muneca

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  1. This was The Soho Market’s first fashion show. The black ‘pleather’ pieces are actually cotton fabric that goes through a particular printing process to give it that particular look.

    It was such a great experience. The local support was amazing!

    Thanks MODA!


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