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by Madeline Schmid, Contributing Writer


These days, it seems as if girls should be born with natural knowledge of how to curl hair, but it is not as easy as people make it out to be. With the large amount of new devices and curling iron sizes it is difficult to know which one is right for your hair. Read on for some of the basics to help you achieve those perfectly quaffed locks. As well, we have included some advice on what curler to use and how to use it.

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Before I start, it is important to note that there are a few tips for curling your hair pertinent to all lengths.

  1. Always curl pieces of hair that frame your face, away from your face. This opens up your face and makes it so that hair does not overwhelm your features. It will also keep any unwanted hairs out of your face.
  2. Avoid that weird kink that sometimes results from curling hair. This occurs because you are curling your hair against the clamp.  Make sure to wrap the hair around the bottom of the curler first before going around the clamp.
  3. For more natural looking curls make sure to alternate the directions that you curl your hair.
  4. When you hairspray your hair, make sure that you flip your head over and wait for it to dry with your head still down. This will insure more voluminous results.
  5. Finally, don’t waste your money on a curling wand. You can achieve the exact same results with the curling iron you already own. Just wrap your hair around the outside of an upside-down barrel. Be careful to not burn your fingers.



Short Hair

  • How to curl: Those with shorter hair should look for a curling iron with a ¾” -1”. The smaller size with give a tighter curl with a lot of volume. Short hair is fantastic because it is easy to achieve volume and texture with curls. Take advantage of this by using sea salt sprays. A little teasing and hairspray will go a long way. When curling your hair, focus on curling the top layers and then lightly tease the bottom layers to get a fuller look.

Medium Hair

  • How to curl: Medium length hair can be tough. It is too long for most short focused hair-styles and too short for the longer styles. Instead of fussing with length, embrace the benefits from both sides of the hair-length spectrum. You can achieve great volume without having to use a crazy amount of bobby pins.  Those with medium length hair should look for a curling iron with a barrel size of 1”-1 ¼”. This allows for an even natural curl that can fall over time for more beach-wave second day looks.

Long Hair

  • How to curl: Long hair can handle all barrel sizes from ¾” – 1 ½”. I found it useful to use a smaller curling iron, because the longer the hair is, the heavier it will be. Heavy hair will weigh down the curl and make them fall faster. To make curling easier, make sure to clip off sections of the hair and curl from the bottom sections to the top sections. This will ensure that all of your hair gets curled, and it makes it easier to get cleaner sections.



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