Boho Bits and Bendels: An Interview with Eleanor Kalle’s Amy Mazius

by Marlee Katz, Fashion Director

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Eleanor Kalle “Indian Summer” Collection

Amy Mazius and Randi Tutelman combined the vintage inspired, creative girl who rummages through her mother’s jewelry box with the edgy, free spirited, and effortless risk-taker to create Eleanor Kalle. Vintage elements, hardware store items and flea market finds make up Eleanor Kalle Jewelry. The pieces focus on “playful fashion,” and the combination of Amy’s Wisconsin roots and Randi’s Manhattan groove bring the collections together.

With opportunities to show their work at Henri Bendel and Boutique 51, and become part of a display at Milly, Mazius and Tutelman have had great initial success. Their company conveys more than just a brand; it conveys a lifestyle.

Check out their collections “Indian Summer” and “Psychedelic Mexico” on and read about Mazius’ journey in MODA’s exclusive interview below.

How did the vision for Eleanor Kalle come together and how did you and Randi connect?

Randi and I met at Lehigh University in the costume shop. We set up a business lunch to brainstorm what we wanted to do together. Jewelry popped off the page (with tons of words, drawings, etc. scribbled on it), as did strength and beauty. So we created Eleanor Kalle–which means soft and strong–to embody the Modern Woman who we think it feminine but tough, sexy with a sweetness. Elinor was my great grandmother, pulling from our vintage element and the concept of wearing your grandmother’s jewelry and reinventing it. Kalle was a new edgy girl we created to juxtapose Eleanor.

The concept came together over time, and fully blossomed when we launched our first full collection this summer, Psychedelic Mexico.

Randi and I grew together when we launched this summer in NYC. We are based in the West Village where we can fully embody our sexy-with-an-edge vibe. Our favorite spot to get inspired is a cute little Wisconsin-owned restaurant underneath my building in the West Village. We split the kale salad and avocado toast while discussing what needs to get done, meetings we’ve recently had, or any other loose ends that need tying-up.

How does a piece come together?

When designing pieces, my favorite work comes from the jewelry I design when I’m running late to events and throw something together to match whatever I threw on. The feeling of necessity drives my creativity and helps me design my best pieces.

Randi and I constantly collect and cultivate the elements that go into our pieces. We pride ourselves on unconventional assembly, combining hardware, vintage, semiprecious stones, and other findings.

How does a collection come together?

We are constantly collecting inspiration for collections–once the pieces align with a few strong visuals we have in mind it comes together to create a collection (i.e. The deconstructed off-duty ballerina image worked with the pieces I created and photos I took of my sister Carole).

Tell me an exciting experience you and Randi have shared.

Randi and I shared a really special moment when we were brought into Milly. Seeing our pieces come to life with the clothing in their Madison Avenue shop was a really exciting and special moment. It was the first time we had seen our product in a real way. We were able to see three years in the making come together with Michelle’s (founder and designer) vision for her company, Milly.

Randi and I will be showing our collection in a Henri Bendel trunk show tomorrow-Sunday. We are interested to see how it goes and gain customer feedback. We are still learning so much from everyone we encounter, so this experience should be very rich with feedback. We participated in the open see that they do biannually for new designers to meet with their buyers. We were selected from the group to show at their trunk show–we are hoping to wow them!!

Eleanor Kalle “Indian Summer” Collection

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