Holiday Style Guide: Modernize Historical Trends

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by Annie Murphy, Fashion Writer

Fashion Writer Annie Murphy (Photo Credit: Roberto Leon)

Ample preparation goes into the contemporary Thanksgiving holiday. However, stress in the kitchen does not need to be carried over to stress in finding a perfectly festive ensemble. When planning your holiday attire, look back through history and reminisce about the first Thanksgiving that was celebrated in Plymouth in 1621. Whether you are dressing for a Thanksgiving celebration spent casually curled by the fire with family or out at an elegant dinner, you can effortlessly embody the heritage style in mind. Modernizing the original ensembles of the Pilgrims from the first Thanksgiving will devise an ideal holiday ensemble for any occasion. At first, the word pilgrim may be disenchanting and depict images of coifs and aprons, but instead imagine a Free People aesthetic. Refashioning the traditional separates worn hundreds of years ago will undoubtedly create a perfect Thanksgiving look.

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Fashion Writer Annie Murphy (Photo Credit: Roberto Leon)

Smock vs. Dress

There are many ways to update the one-piece, long-sleeved smocks worn at the first Thanksgiving. For a casual occasion, a long-sleeved dress with a more conservative neckline can be renovated into a contemporary style by shortening the hemline. Adding patterned tights will create a cozy feel that is perfect for lounging at home while still looking appropriate and chic. Indie inspired patterns and fall colors are ideal for this look. For a fancier Thanksgiving dinner, lengthen the dress with a floor-grazing hemline and shorten the sleeves. Incorporate a cropped jacket or vest to create layers and texture and embrace earth tones to pull together the ambiance of the look.

Stays vs. Fur Vest

17th Century women wore sleeveless stays over their smocks in order to shape their bodies. However, after indulging in a Thanksgiving feast it would be smart to avoid anything too tight over the torso. Instead of a stay, add a fur vest or stole. Fur is very fitting for this time of year and can be used to accessorize any look. A fur vest or stole marries the idea of modern and traditional trends in a way that captures the historic atmosphere of Thanksgiving for a timeless combination. Combining fur with any ensemble immediately makes it more eye-catching and unique. It can add luxury to a sweater dress for a night spent at home or add elegance and warmth for a fancier occasion.

Coif vs. Wide Brim Fedora

The coif was a simple, white head covering that was a staple for every woman in the 1600s. Yet for a 21st century woman, a wide-brimmed fedora is the perfect replacement. This accessory undoubtedly adds an aura of elegance and confidence to an ensemble as it revises the conservative vibe of the heritage look. A simple addition for an effortlessly chic, fall look, look for hues in deep plum, black, or brown to emphasize the earthy feel. Not only will you look fabulous, but you will also have the perfect accessory to hide behind in case you’re family asks embarrassing questions at the dinner table.

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