Street Smart: Oliver

by Roberto Leon, Street Smart Photographer

OliverThere is something so classy about a man in a dress shirt and loafers. This style is often spotted on the numerous men in Italy and Britain, where the roots of classic menswear began. Simple blazers over solid color button-downs paired with muted tones resemble the image of a well put-together man.  Oliver seems to take the spirit and style of this modern aged man, and spotting him was like a breath of fresh air.

After seeing Street Smart candidate Savannah two weeks ago and then running into Oliver, it seems that Grainger Hall is the place to spot fashionable students lately. Embarking on my usual Street Smart run through campus, I noticed Oliver’s ensemble and didn’t think twice before asking to take his photo. I have only known him for a short amount of time, but every time I spot Oliver on campus he seems to dress the part of a fashionable man. What sets him apart is his ability to resonate a vintage style and bring a modern twist into the look. It’s all about simplicity in terms of men’s fashion. One of my personal favorite pieces that I have seen Oliver wear is his powdered blue blazer (shown in the photo) that he pulls together with jeans and a t-shirt – simple yet classy.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Name: Oliver Whiting

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Marketing

Fashion Influences: “Italian style, classic British style. A lot of the roots, a lot of classic stuff.”

Favorite Brands: “Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Burberry sometimes.”

Fashion Advice: “Take whatever you like about yourself and accentuate that. So if you’re an outgoing person, wear something outgoing. If you’re a relaxed person, wear something simple. Just look good and be happy when you walk out the door. That’s all that matters”

What makes your style different? “I take a certain age, like the 50’s and I’ll put a modern twist on it. Get creative with stuff they didn’t have back then and also take some of the old stuff like tab collar shirts.”

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