Winter Fashion Blunders

by Victoria Fok, Fashion Writer

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There is no denying that the winter season has adverse effects on our style. Our excuse is the bitter-cold Wisconsin weather, but that excuse ends now. The dreary weather may not be inspiring and freezing temperatures may tempt us to hide under our parkas and sweats, but there is no reason for us to look drab this season. No longer are we allowed to be the victims of winter fashion blunders. As the frigid months begin to settle in, fight back with these fashionable tactics.

Say Yes to Brights

During dreary winter days, we tend to gravitate toward colors like grey, black, or navy. Though these hues are great solid basics, wearing an all-neutral ensemble will often create a look that is as drab as the weather. Instead reach for pieces in bright colors that will not only add life to your look, but also your mood.  Whether it’s a bright red dress for the holidays or a cobalt blue sweater, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors that are out of your comfort zone.

Cobalt Sweater

Dress up Your Bottoms  

As the temperatures drop, we prefer to avoid dresses and skirts that bare our legs. As a result we gravitate toward jeans and leggings, and although a great pair of jeans can do wonders to an ensemble, wearing them every day can become quite boring and repetitive. Instead dress up your bottoms by choosing patterned leggings or denim and opt for floral, Aztec, or abstract prints. By embracing this style tip, you will add a dynamic element to your ensemble; allowing you to surpass winter fashion blues.

Printed Pants

Say Yes to Winter White

Remember that saying, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day?” Yeah, don’t listen to it. After years of restriction, this fashion rule is out and winter white is in. A hue known for its crisp and fresh look, white allows your ensembles to take a breather from winter’s favorite darker hues. For inspiration, take a look at the December issue of InStyle featuring Jennifer Lawrence in gorgeous white pieces. As demonstrated in the magazine, softer white shades tend to lighten up heavier knits; creating a more whimsical winter look. To embrace this style, mix pops of white with darker pieces for an outfit that will stand out and invest in a white chunky sweater or sweater dress for a reliable, go-to staple in your wardrobe.

Zara White Knit Sweater

Look Beyond the Puffer

In Wisconsin it’s pretty obvious: we Midwesterners love our puffer jackets. However, though these jackets are unbelievably warm, it may be time for us to look beyond them. Providing just as much warmth, a thick wool coat could be your answer to adding a boost to your winter style. Stand out from the crowd with woolen cocoon or pea coat, and don’t be afraid to explore options beyond the typical black jacket. Discover coats in prints, bold colors and timeless neutrals. Something as simple as a classic woolen pea coat could be the perfect topper to an ensemble no matter the occasion.

Zara Jacket 01

Embrace Riding Boots

A staple to the notorious Wisconsin winter wardrobe, college women often fall victim to the comfort and warmth of UGG boots. However, while these slipper-like boots may be ultra-cozy, UGGs are undeniably lacking a bit in the style department. Of course we’re not completely insensitive to the idea of rocking UGGs occasionally, but they often become our winter fashion crutch and as a result our styles suffer. To strengthen your look we recommend gravitating toward taller riding boots. A true staple in the fall, riding boots are often overshadowed by UGGs during the winter months in spite of their versatility and warmth. Pair them with thick, woolen socks and they will not only keep your toes toasty, but they will add an element of chicness to your ensemble that UGGs cannot. A simple solution to winter fashion blunders, we encourage you to pack your UGGs away and rock a pair of riding boots in their place.

Riding Boots


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