Bloggers We Love: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

by Marissa Monett, Fashion Writer

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific
Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

Possessing style does not mean donning every trend the fashion-gods produce. Instead, style is about developing a personal trademark through whatever inspiration serves as a personal influence. One look at Blair Eadie’s style blog Atlantic-Pacific is all it takes to understand the style Eadie has marked as her very own. Mixing pieces reminiscent of the 60s with vibes of East Coast prep and SoHo cool, Eadie has mastered a look she can easily call her own.

Eadie’s blog focuses heavily on her personal style, composed almost entirely pictures of her own looks without much explanation. At first, this structure may seem a bit bare. However, a few scrolls down the first page locks in every girly-girls’ eyes with the screen, scanning the details of Eadie’s elegantly composed outfits. Without the clutter of words or promotions, Eadie highlights her personal style and allows fans to take notice of each tasteful piece of her collection.

As for the fashion itself, Eadie follows a similar idea. Never are her outfits cluttered with details or void of focus. Each ensemble embodies careful organization and balance. She keeps the structure clean, pairing fitted tops with A-line skirts or boxy shirts with fitted pants. Her outfits are also heavily concentrated with black and white, but drab is the last word these looks suggest. With specific additions, she enhances her outfit while drawing attention to details. One of her more common embellishments is pattern. From stripes to polka dots to grids to cheetah, Eadie is a fearless mix-and-matcher of prints. Eadie also uses texture to spark her neutral palettes to life. A touch of leather, a tulle skirt, or an explosion of ostrich feathers liven her classic looks. Eadie does not avoid color altogether, though. Sticking with classic structures, she employs bright colors not only in focal pieces but also through shoes and accessories. Her floral coat, featured on the right, illustrates just that.

Blair Eadie in her floral coat.
Blair Eadie in her floral coat.

If Eadie’s site and personal style do not do enough to set her apart, her trademark, oversized sunglasses will. In every outfit she posts, her eyes are mysteriously hidden behind black shades. Not only do they add to her unique mix of classic and contemporary, but they also give her one more way to stand out in the crowd.

Thus, style doesn’t have to incorporate looks of the runway. Rather, it should be more personal. Eadie’s style is about choosing looks that radiate individuality and personality. Because of this she is an ideal style influence, inspiring us to not just merely pick out “clothes,” but to strive to choose pieces that exude qualities of ourselves. She demonstrates the importance of individuality and, above all, encourages us to develop your own trademark through style.

Photo Credit: Atlantic-Pacific

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