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by Maddy Gilson, Fashion Writer

Emily Weiss
Emily Weiss, Into the Gloss

It’s the one website everyone in the fashion world knows about; the one you immediately place in your bookmark bar. “Into the Gloss” has become a leading site for beauty advice, tips and tricks. Emily Weiss began the site in September of 2010, and since then it has become a tremendous success. Traffic has tripled over the years, resulting in 8.5 million page views a month. Weiss began working in the fashion world as an intern for Ralph Lauren and Teen Vogue, then gradually became an employee at W. and Vogue. This exposure to such an elite class in the fashion world made her start thinking about the importance of beauty, yet it was never recognized as essential. Over time, Weiss collected interviews detailing beauty suggestions or routines from pros in the industry. Her reasoning behind “Into the Gloss” was that people don’t visit stores and purchase products based on the ingredients listed, but instead based on recommendations. A variety of content is now posted on a regular basis, creating a site coveted by readers.

Undoubtedly “The Interviews” is the most popular section of the website. Here readers are given access to the beauty routines of celebrities, models, artists, and major members of the industry. All aspects of beauty are covered; from the hair care and skin care to makeup and fragrance of choice. Past features included Miranda Kerr, Liv Tyler, Cara Delevingne, and countless others. It truly is the place to find the tips and tricks of the best, and coming from experience, once you read one article you’re hooked.

“Into The Gloss” is a unique site because of the variety of articles published for readers. Products are reviewed, makeup and hair ideas posted, and Monday Moodboards or Throwback Thursdays give us enjoyable quick reads. This is a site where you can find articles that are clever such as a tribute gallery to the love affair of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, Pictures of Rooney Mara being a “badass”, or numerous stories on 90s style. If you’re in search of a new blog to devote those dull hours during finals week to, check out and you will not be disappointed.

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