DIY: Creative Holiday Gift Wrap

by Alexa Carlson, Lifestyle Writer

Gift wrapping: a seemingly simple task that causes far too much stress during the already busy holiday season. I personally loathe traditional gift wrapping. I can never keep the pattern straight, I cut either too much paper or too little paper, and I always end up begging my mother to do it for me. If you are gift wrap challenged like me or you just want to learn some fresh ideas on how to package that perfect gift for the holidays, read on.

rustic vintage

Rustic Vintage

For this style of gift wrapping, use cut up newspapers to save both time and stress. Cut around color pictures to keep the color scheme a classy mix of black and white. Keep an eye out for funny headlines or good black and white pictures that add a flare of character. I just so happened upon a picture of a deer in my newspaper. I added a red gem and turned it into Rudolph. Finish off the packages with red grosgrain ribbon for traditional color and twine for that rustic texture. Embellish with sparkly vintage brooches for holiday sparkle.

merry and bright

Merry and Bright

The only supplies needed for these presents are colorful rolls of crepe paper, tape and scissors. Wrap the streamers around your boxes. The only goal here is to make the gifts as colorful as possible. Weave different colors for a color blocked effect. Make little bows by taping a small section of crepe paper in a circle and then pinching it in the center with more paper wrapped around the center to secure. If you are looking for a little more of a challenge with a cutting-edge design, cut fringe into sections of crepe paper and then cut small triangles out of the paper to form a zigzag pattern. Lay the fringes in any color order for a piñata-esque look.

all that glitters

All that Glitters

What’s more festive than glitter? Dress up a simple gift bag in a pinch with a large bow and cheap mini ornaments. It may sound strange but empty toilet paper rolls are perfect for small jewelry or gift cards. Insert your gift and carefully fold in each side to make a pillow box. Wrap the roll with sparkly tinsel, bright embroidery floss and jewelry like a crystal bracelet or necklace from a thrift shop. Make a one of a kind gift tag by looking up unique fonts on the internet and free handing a special message in the font. If you are not as confident in your calligraphy skills, there are plenty of places to print off free gift tags online.

Wrapping gifts should be a fun stress-free task this holiday season. Instead of choosing the generic snowflake or elf gift wrap, get creative and use the supplies you might already have. Not only will you save money, but the people you give gifts to will see the meaningful effort made towards making their gifts truly special.

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