Holiday Traditions: The Hand and The Yule Log

by Marissa Monett, Fashion Writer



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“Wait! There it is! Quick, look! Oh no, you missed it.”


About three years ago, my brothers and I were relaxing in our living room on Christmas. As my mom was working hard to prepare for guests and dinner, my siblings and I naturally acted as if we did not notice the commotion. Immobilized from Christmas cookies, we flipped through the TV channels – all 12 of them. My dad is a very stubborn man and refuses to get cable. Needless to say, we weren’t expecting anything too exciting.


When my oldest brother had enough of the aimless channel surfing, we all settled on “The Yule Log.” For those of you unfamiliar with this Christmas television program, it is a constant film shot of a yule log burning in a fireplace as Christmas music plays. It is cozy, quaint, and comforting, but it is definitely nothing too intriguing.


Within the first 20 minutes of casually fire watching, alert with urgency, my brother pointed at the TV screen and yelled, “Wait, look! It’s a hand with a poker stick!”


On the screen, a human hand was poking the fire.


From then on, it became a competition between the members of my family. Who would catch the hand? Who saw a new log put on? Who realized the film had finally looped?


It’s hard to say why seeing “The Hand” was such an exciting moment on that Christmas day. Perhaps my family is easily entertained. Perhaps we were really just that bored.  Whatever it is, it is an embarrassing tradition. I can’t wait to continue this year.


Happy holidays everyone!

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