Holiday Traditions: Tea Time

by Jen Anderson, Lifestyle Editor


Mother-daughter holiday tea time is no joke. In fact, it is the exact point during the winter season when everything comes together. Every year, the Brown Palace Hotel in Downtown Denver hosts holiday tea time. These holiday tea time slots are coveted, and reservations are made 12-14 months in advance. For most, I understand that a tea party might not sound like the most intriguing tradition. However, this ritual is one I will always cherish.

When most people hear the term holiday tea, they tend to assume that the tradition is outdated. I prefer to think that I have an old soul. With every cup of tea, I am transported back in time to a decade when small hair veils were an expected accessory and petit fours were the choice dessert. This is the time period in which the holiday season seems the most magical to me.

When you walk into the tea parlor, you are immediately greeted by the sight of a huge, sparkling chandelier. It is a view absolutely impossible to ignore. The menu of tea extends from special-‘teas’ to traditional black and everything in between. Accompanying the teas is an ivory three-tiered serving dish full of bite sized appetizers, easily the dream of any young aspiring princess (like we all once were). To add to the atmosphere, the parlor always fills with the echo of holiday tunes from a grand piano.

To me, this tradition is a small luxury to look forward to all year. It is the perfect end to a wonderful holiday season. Although the New Year brushes the horizon, this experience is my own time portal. It takes me back in time as if, in that moment, my life is a vintage black and white Christmas film.


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