Street Smart: Alia

by Roberto Leon, Street Smart Photographer

Alia 01As the ultimate staple of a winter wardrobe, finding jacket that perfectly encapsulates warmth and style can be a bit of a challenge. Yet Alia understands the foundation of a great coat and how to find this balance. Through a mix of patterns and button-detailing, Alia’s Anthropologie jacket draws just the right amount of attention. The brightness and eccentricity of the colors and embroidery reminded me of those found in traditional Indian garb, and they were skillfully used by Anthropologie to create a modern indie look. Opting to wear the coat as the statement piece of her ensemble, Alia demonstrates how your jacket can be the highlight of your look this season. However, if you’re more of a black pea coat kind of person, transform your outfit underneath to incorporate an extravagant and bright pop of personality.


Here’s the Breakdown:

Name: Alia Kaloti

Year in School: First-Year Pharmacy Student

Personal Style: “I like jackets, preferably Anthropologie’s. I am all about prints, but I don’t like to overdo it.”

Favorite Brands: Anthropologie and Burberry.

Fashion Advice: “Keep it simple. Don’t try too hard when you get dressed – sometimes it can clutter the outfit.”

Alia 02


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