This Not That: Christmas Cookies

by Erin O’Brien, Lifestyle Writer


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

Your houses, apartments, and dorm rooms are beginning to fill up with gleaming lights, makeshift Christmas trees, and endless amounts of Michael Bublé’s Christmas album playing in the background while you endure the treacherous preparation for finals. Let’s face it: despite all of the other elements of Christmas illuminating your living quarters, there’s still one thing missing. Christmas cookies are the missing piece to your puzzle.


Christmas cookies can seem like the devil incarnate. They’re the incredibly troublesome delicacies that you hate endlessly consuming every holiday season, yet still continue to indulge. This holiday season should be no exception. Though finals are taking up nearly every minute of your free time, you will soon accumulate a desperate need for a quick study break. What better way to break than by bringing the tradition of Christmas cookies to your Madison home.


Now that you have decided to indulge in this scrumptious tradition, what path do you take? Do you resort to buying the easy, lazy premade Pillsbury cookie dough? Or, do you fully embrace the holidays and make your own, homemade cookies?


Drum roll…


This- Homemade Christmas cookies


Not That- Store-bought Christmas cookies


Just because we are college students with less time set aside for leisurely activities, it does not mean that we are unable to still bask in the holiday tradition of baking our own Christmas cookies. Some of my best Christmas memories growing up come from spending hours baking in the kitchen with my mom and frosting our snowman, Santa, snowflake, and bell shaped cut cookies.


Consider the time to bake with your college friends and roommates as a new opportunity to make memories, great treats, and an awesome time to take festive holiday pictures for your Facebook page.


Making store bought Christmas cookies is just too easy and not as fulfilling an experience. If you go buy the Christmas Tree Shape® Cookies by Pillsbury, your baking experience would only require you to separate the cookies, that all look the exact same, place them on a baking sheet, and then place them in the oven. Then they’re done. There is no room for the creativity or bonding necessary for this quick study-break experience.


The holiday season is the one time of year dedicated towards celebrating with family and friends, making memories, and creating new traditions. Baking homemade Christmas cookies brings about the best experience to fulfill all of these. Amidst all of the stress from final exams, do not use Christmas traditions as a means to be lazy. Use the holiday season as a way to celebrate the joys of friends and family and, of course, delicious cookies.


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