2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap

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by Alexa Carlson, Lifestyle Writer

butt slap

British Invasion:

Candice Swanepoel opened the show wearing the $10 million Royal Fantasy Bra while walking down the runway to a performance by Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift. Each outfit represented a different aspect of British culture, from the royal guards to punks, and of course the iconic British trench (although VS gave it a see-through twist). Cara Delevingne, dressed in a silk soccer uniform, exchanged a friendly butt slap with Taylor Swift on the runway. This of course was meant to be ironic to those who know both girls recently dated Harry Stiles.



A Great Big World set the beautiful, poetic mood with his hit song Say Something. This color palette featured a mix of creams, washed out pastels, and sand-like hues. The looks were flowing, made of gauzy cream capes, trains, and wings. Netting was incorporated into a few looks. This section was unlike any other theme Victoria’s Secret has done before. Instead of millions of sparkles and jewels, this section exhibited a peaceful and simply beautiful sentiment.

parisian nights

Parisian Nights:

This section portrayed the dark romantic side of VS. Adriana Lima opened the section with bright red wings and arm-length red gloves. Black lace remained a constant theme, with a mixture of rich jewel tones. Jet black beaded fringes projected the essence of Moulin Rouge to a few of the looks as the models strutted to Miley Cyrus’s song FU. Even though Miley did not perform live, I felt some sort of anticipation throughout the whole section that Miley could come swinging in on a wrecking ball at any time or some other Miley-esque surprise entrance.

birds of paradise

Birds of Paradise:

The opening model for this section, Lais, hurt her foot in rehearsal prior to last year’s show and was unable to walk in the 2012 show. This section opener was her special comeback. Ed Razek, the executive producer of the show, honored Lais with the opening walk in this section as a way for her to spread her angel wings better than ever. Bright colors in contrasting combinations made for a lively spectacle in true VS fashion. Feathers appeared as wings and surprisingly on the models’ shoes, cropped jackets and shawls as well.

pink nation

Pink Nation:

Emoticons made for a major theme throughout the PINK section this year. The emoticons of various expressions showed up as balloons carried by the models, as patterns knit into the clothing, and even used as “wings.” Neon Jungle, a fairly brand new four-member girl band from Britain, performed “Trouble” during the section. As a whole the PINK section felt random and even a little overdone. Even though the PINK audience is younger, the chaotic and crazy performance did not settle as successfully with many of the young audience.

snow angels

Snow Angels:

I like to think of this section as a throwback to the 2000 and 2001 shows, both which included similar white angel looks. Taylor Swift performed in a bedazzled sheath dress and heels matching those that the models wore. The looks included a vast array of wings; some came in creative new interpretations as well, as feather corsets and snowflake headpieces. Iridescent bedazzling, fluffy wings and capes, and complex snowflake embellishments made for a magical ending to the section.



All in all, this year’s show was creative with innovative new sections. The musical performances were somewhat unexpected. Some of the performances pleasantly surprised the audience while others just seemed too random. For die hard Victoria’s Secret fans like me, the absence of both Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whitely was upsetting. However, the show was filled with fresh faced models, displaying potential to become top Angels someday.


All photos by vsholic.com (except photo #1)

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