Bold Lip Color: The New Winter Accessory

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by Fashion Writers, Victoria Fok, Emma Leuman and Marissa Monett

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(Left to Right) Fashion Writers, Emma, Marissa, and Victoria

Bold and better than ever, lip color has stepped up its game; redefining its role from accent to statement. Bright fuchsias with purple undertones, rich berry reds suited for royalty, and warm oranges as vibrant as a sunset are the new hues guaranteed to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Often intimidating to approach, bold lip color is an accessory many tend to avoid, but that’s no excuse to play it safe. Push boundaries with these lipstick shades and complement your style with a look bold enough to warm even the coldest days. Pucker up, ladies  – it’s time to kiss your tired winter looks goodbye.


Fashion Writer, Marissa Monett
Fashion Writer, Marissa Monett

Pink’s traditional femininity has been replaced with a fresh fierceness this season allowing you to shine with confidence in a bold fuchsia lipstick. Diane Von Furstneberg’s fall 2013 looks embraced the bright trend with vivacity, mixing it with fashion choices in bright oranges, reds, and purples. To turn this lip color trend from a runway fantasy to street style reality, it’s all about mixing bold with practical. A fairly neutral color palette of blacks and whites will emphasize the lip color, but don’t be afraid to take a risk. Adding neon blues and purples will bring out the violet undertones of the hue. Try juxtaposing the girly shade with a punk-rock style. A black leather jacket, structured dress, and moto boots will take the pink hue from innocent to fierce.



Berry Red

Fashion Writer, Victoria Fok
Fashion Writer, Victoria Fok

Elegant and slightly sultry, there is just something about a dark berry lip that just screams holiday party season. Able to dress up a simple outfit during the day, this lip color is most notable for its knack for making you stand out in the evening. Styling a dark berry lip may seem quite daunting, as the fear of going overboard is eminent, but the task is actually manageable. Just remember simplicity is key.  A bold lip is a statement and with such dramatic lips the ensemble becomes a complementary addition.  Your lips are the focus so a busy outfit will only distracts from it.  Stick with solid colors and avoid prints unless the colors complement your lipstick shade. More often than not, neutrals such as black, grey, and white are great to contrast a red berry lip.  However, pops of royals, such as deep blues, reds, and purples, can bring out the rich color and make your lips really pop.  The easiest and trendiest way to tie in your outfit with this shade is to incorporate a burgundy clothing item.  Don’t worry about exactly matching your lips to your outfit.  Any shade of burgundy, wine, or deep red will really bring the look together.


Fashion Writer, Emma Leuman
Fashion Writer, Emma Leuman


Orange lip color was a trend on Spring/Summer 2014 runways, gracing the lips of models at Prabal Gurung and Rag & Bone.  Yet this winter, trying the trend is easier than ever.  Orange lips pop against the twinkling expanse of a snow-covered campus, making any ensemble a little more high fashion and intriguing. Pairing this eye-catching hue with neutral-toned pieces brings the look back to reality.  A chunky sweater will offset the glamour of a bright lip, while ripped jeans or a leopard-print skirt add a chic edge.  Keeping accessories simple, such as an oversized watch or aviator sunglasses, will complete the casually edgy look. For a more vivacious ensemble, incorporate complementary colors into your ensemble. Warmer colors, like berries, reds, or pinks, will bring warmth to your look without drawing away from your statement lip.


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